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  1. shaft:


Detailed Translations for shaft from English to French


Translation Matrix for shaft:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- barb; beam; beam of light; calamus; cock; diaphysis; dick; dig; gibe; irradiation; jibe; lance; light beam; pecker; peter; prick; putz; quill; ray; ray of light; rotating shaft; scape; shaft of light; shot; slam; spear; tool
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- cheat; chicane; chouse; jockey; screw
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- pit; thill

Synonyms for "shaft":

Related Definitions for "shaft":

  1. the hollow spine of a feather1
  2. a revolving rod that transmits power or motion1
  3. a long rod or pole (especially the handle of an implement or the body of a weapon like a spear or arrow)1
  4. a long vertical passage sunk into the earth, as for a mine or tunnel1
  5. (architecture) upright consisting of the vertical part of a column1
  6. a vertical passageway through a building (as for an elevator)1
  7. a long pointed rod used as a tool or weapon1
  8. obscene terms for penis1
  9. the main (mid) section of a long bone1
  10. an aggressive remark directed at a person like a missile and intended to have a telling effect1
    • she threw shafts of sarcasm1
  11. a line that forms the length of an arrow pointer1
  12. a column of light (as from a beacon)1
  13. defeat someone through trickery or deceit1
  14. equip with a shaft1

Wiktionary Translations for shaft:

  1. long narrow body of spear or arrow
  1. Axe de rotation (2)
  2. Tige ou pièce cylindrique en rotation
  3. tige de bois ou de métal (1)
  4. barre de bois ou de fer qui sert de clôture.
  5. bois sur lequel monter le canon d’un fusil, d’une arquebuse, d’un pistolet, etc.
  6. Espace
  7. Grande perche.
  8. Longue pièce de bois
  9. Organe sexuel masculin

Cross Translation:
shaft puits SchachtBergbau: vertikaler Grubenbau zu einem Stollen
shaft cage SchachtBauwerk: hohler, meist senkrechter Raum
shaft arbre WelleTechnik: Maschinenteil zur Übertragung von Drehbewegungen

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