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Detailed Translations for coffee from English to French


coffee [the ~] nom

  1. the coffee
    le café

Translation Matrix for coffee:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
café coffee alebar; bar; beer cellar; beer hall; beer room; café; coffee bar; coffee-shop; coffeeshop; diner; hotel and catering industry; hotel industry; inn; pub; public house; refreshment bar; tavern; tearoom; teashop
- burnt umber; chocolate; coffee bean; coffee berry; coffee tree; deep brown; java; umber

Related Words for "coffee":

  • coffees

Synonyms for "coffee":

Related Definitions for "coffee":

  1. a medium brown to dark-brown color1
  2. a seed of the coffee tree; ground to make coffee1
  3. a beverage consisting of an infusion of ground coffee beans1
    • he ordered a cup of coffee1
  4. any of several small trees and shrubs native to the tropical Old World yielding coffee beans1

Wiktionary Translations for coffee:

  1. of a pale brown colour
  1. plant
  2. beverage
  1. Graine de caféier
  2. Boisson
  3. café dont on a ôté tout ou bonne partie de la caféine.
  1. Couleur des grains de café

Cross Translation:
coffee caféier Kaffeeohne Plural: der Kaffeestrauch (Rubiaceae)
coffee café KaffeePlural selten: anregendes schwarzes Aufgussgetränk
coffee café Kaffeebohnenförmiger Samen des Kaffeestrauchs[2]; elliptisch für: Kaffeebohne

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