Detailed Translations for pimple from English to French


pimple [the ~] nom

  1. the pimple (spot)
    le bouton; le furoncle
  2. the pimple (blotch; zit)
    l'enflure 2; la bulle; l'ampoule; la bosse; le tumeur; l'enflure; le quignon; le bubon; le petit bouton sur le corps; la lésion; la contusion; le gonflement; l'abcès; la meurtrissure; la tuméfaction

Translation Matrix for pimple:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abcès blotch; pimple; zit abscess; boil; festering wound; lump; sore; swelling; swollen spot
ampoule blotch; pimple; zit ampoule; blister; bulb; bulging; globe; light bulb; lump; swelling; swollen spot
bosse blotch; pimple; zit blow; bruise; bulge; bulging; bump; contusion; dent; hump; knob; lump; obstacle; swelling; swollen spot
bouton pimple; spot button; light switch; mouse button; pock; push; stud; swelling; switch; swollen spot; tuning knob
bubon blotch; pimple; zit lump; swelling; swollen spot
bulle blotch; pimple; zit balloon; markup balloon; swelling; swollen spot
contusion blotch; pimple; zit being bruised; bruise; bruising; contusion; injuring; swelling; swollen spot; wounding
enflure blotch; pimple; zit arrogance; bombast; bruise; bulging; cockiness; conceit; conceitedness; curving; distension; flatulence; grandiloquence; haughtiness; hump; lump; pomposity; puffiness; rising; rounding; self-conceit; self-importance; swelling; swollen spot; thickening; tumidity
enflure 2 blotch; pimple; zit
furoncle pimple; spot boil; furuncle
gonflement blotch; pimple; zit distension; lump; puffiness; rising; swelling; swollen spot; tumidity
lésion blotch; pimple; zit bruise; cartilage trouble; contusion; flesh-wound; hurt; injury; swelling; swollen spot; torn cartilage; wound
meurtrissure blotch; pimple; zit affecting; being bruised; bruise; bruising; contusion; damaging; harming; hurting; hurting someone's feelings; injuring; lump; offending; swelling; swollen spot; weal; welt; wounding
petit bouton sur le corps blotch; pimple; zit
quignon blotch; pimple; zit chunk; swelling; swollen spot
tumeur blotch; pimple; zit growth; lump; swelling; swollen spot; tumor; tumour
tuméfaction blotch; pimple; zit lump; swelling; swollen spot
- hickey; zit

Related Words for "pimple":

Synonyms for "pimple":

  • hickey; zit; acne

Related Definitions for "pimple":

  1. a small inflamed elevation of the skin; a pustule or papule; common symptom in acne1

Wiktionary Translations for pimple:

  1. inflamed spot on the surface of the skin
  2. annoying person
  1. Petite tumeur se formant sur la peau

Cross Translation:
pimple bourgeon FinneMedizin: Pickel (bei Akne)
pimple bouton PickelMedizin: eitrig entzündete Erhebung der Haut

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