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Detailed Translations for interrogation from French to English


interrogation [la ~] nom

  1. l'interrogation (interrogatoire; audition)
    the interrogation; the hearing; the questioning; the trial; the examination
  2. l'interrogation (enquête; interrogatoire)
    the survey; the investigation; the interview
  3. l'interrogation
    the interrogation
  4. l'interrogation
    the polling
    – The process of periodically determining the status of each device in a set so that the active program can process the events generated by each device, such as whether a mouse button was pressed or whether new data is available at a serial port. This can be contrasted with event-driven processing, in which the operating system alerts a program or routine to the occurrence of an event by means of an interrupt or message rather than having to check each device in turn. 1
  5. l'interrogation (interro)
    the examination; the hearing

Translation Matrix for interrogation:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
examination audition; interro; interrogation; interrogatoire avis; communication; composition; contrôle; enquête; examen; exploration; faire-part; inspection; interrogation écrite; investigation; mission de reconnaissance; recherche; reconnaissance; test; tests; épreuve écrite; épreuves
hearing audition; interro; interrogation; interrogatoire audition publique; auditionner; faire d'entendre; faire d'écouter; fait d'écouter; oreille; porté de la voix; portée; sens auditif; écoute; écouter
interrogation audition; interrogation; interrogatoire
interview enquête; interrogation; interrogatoire conversation; dialogue; entretien; interview; préservation
investigation enquête; interrogation; interrogatoire enquête; investigation; recherche; recherches
polling interrogation
questioning audition; interrogation; interrogatoire
survey enquête; interrogation; interrogatoire cartographie; compte-rendu; enquête; mise en carte; rapport; vue d'ensemble; vue générale
trial audition; interrogation; interrogatoire affaire judiciaire; attraction; charme; enchantement; ensorcellement; envoûtement; juridiction; ravissement; rude épreuve; séduction; tentation; épreuve
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
hearing écouter; écouter aux portes; être aux écoutes
survey cadastrer; dresser la carte de; examiner; faire une inspection de; inscrire; inspecter; mesurer; mettre en carte; parcourir
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
questioning en posant des questions; informatif; interrogateur; interrogatif; interrogativement; studieuse; studieux

Synonyms for "interrogation":

Wiktionary Translations for interrogation:

  1. Traductions à trier suivant le sens
  1. pang or expression of doubt

Cross Translation:
interrogation oral test overhoring — het nagaan of iemand bepaalde kennis in voldoende mate tot zich genomen heeft door het stellen van vragen over deze kennis
interrogation interrogation interrogatieondervraging
interrogation monitoring; inquiry; request Abfrage — fragende Prüfung
interrogation query; information retrieval AbfrageInformatik: Auswahl von Informationen aus einem elektronisch gespeicherten Datenbestand

Related Translations for interrogation


Detailed Translations for interrogation from English to French


interrogation [the ~] nom

  1. the interrogation (hearing; questioning; trial; examination)
    l'interrogation; l'interrogatoire; l'audition
  2. the interrogation

Translation Matrix for interrogation:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
audition examination; hearing; interrogation; questioning; trial audition
interrogation examination; hearing; interrogation; questioning; trial examination; hearing; interview; investigation; polling; survey
interrogatoire examination; hearing; interrogation; questioning; trial interview; investigation; survey
- enquiry; examination; inquiry; interrogative; interrogative sentence; interrogatory; query; question

Related Words for "interrogation":

Synonyms for "interrogation":

Antonyms for "interrogation":

Related Definitions for "interrogation":

  1. an instance of questioning2
  2. formal systematic questioning2
  3. a sentence of inquiry that asks for a reply2
    • he had trouble phrasing his interrogations2
  4. a transmission that will trigger an answering transmission from a transponder2

Wiktionary Translations for interrogation:

  1. procédure|fr suite des questions que fait un juge sur des faits civils ou criminels, et des réponses que fait celui qui est interroger.

Cross Translation:
interrogation interrogatoire verhoor — een indringende ondervraging van een gevangene of verdachte
interrogation interrogation interrogatieondervraging


to interrogate verbe (interrogates, interrogated, interrogating)

  1. to interrogate (interpellate; question; hear; )
    interroger; questionner
    • interroger verbe (interroge, interroges, interrogeons, interrogez, )
    • questionner verbe (questionne, questionnes, questionnons, questionnez, )
  2. to interrogate (question)
    interroger; scier; questionner; interpeller; lessiver; passer un interrogatoire
    • interroger verbe (interroge, interroges, interrogeons, interrogez, )
    • scier verbe (scie, scies, scions, sciez, )
    • questionner verbe (questionne, questionnes, questionnons, questionnez, )
    • interpeller verbe (interpelle, interpelles, interpellons, interpellez, )
    • lessiver verbe (lessive, lessives, lessivons, lessivez, )

Conjugations for interrogate:

  1. interrogate
  2. interrogate
  3. interrogates
  4. interrogate
  5. interrogate
  6. interrogate
simple past
  1. interrogated
  2. interrogated
  3. interrogated
  4. interrogated
  5. interrogated
  6. interrogated
present perfect
  1. have interrogated
  2. have interrogated
  3. has interrogated
  4. have interrogated
  5. have interrogated
  6. have interrogated
past continuous
  1. was interrogating
  2. were interrogating
  3. was interrogating
  4. were interrogating
  5. were interrogating
  6. were interrogating
  1. shall interrogate
  2. will interrogate
  3. will interrogate
  4. shall interrogate
  5. will interrogate
  6. will interrogate
continuous present
  1. am interrogating
  2. are interrogating
  3. is interrogating
  4. are interrogating
  5. are interrogating
  6. are interrogating
  1. be interrogated
  2. be interrogated
  3. be interrogated
  4. be interrogated
  5. be interrogated
  6. be interrogated
  1. interrogate!
  2. let's interrogate!
  3. interrogated
  4. interrogating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for interrogate:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
interpeller interrogate; question call after; call out to; cry out to; interpellate; question; remind; send for; subpoena; summon
interroger grant; hear; interpellate; interrogate; question; subsidise; subsidize check; control; examine; get at the root of; get to the bottom; hear; interpellate; question; test
lessiver interrogate; question lye; soak in lye; treat with lye
passer un interrogatoire interrogate; question
questionner grant; hear; interpellate; interrogate; question; subsidise; subsidize interpellate; question
scier interrogate; question saw free; saw out
- question

Related Words for "interrogate":

Synonyms for "interrogate":

Related Definitions for "interrogate":

  1. pose a series of questions to2
  2. transmit (a signal) for setting off an appropriate response, as in telecommunication2

Wiktionary Translations for interrogate:

  1. to question or quiz
  1. questionner quelqu’un sur une chose ou des choses précises qu’il doit connaître ou qu’il est présumer connaître et à propos desquelles il est obliger de répondre.
  2. interroger quelqu’un, lui poser des questions

Cross Translation:
interrogate interroger ondervragen — iemand aan een intensieve reeks vragen onderwerpen
interrogate interroger; consulter; questioner; demander befragen — um mehrere Auskünfte bitten; Fragen an jemanden stellen
interrogate entendre; interroger vernehmen — einen Beschuldigten oder einen Zeugen förmlich ausfragen

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