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source [la ~] nom

  1. la source (descendance; origine; provenance; racines; ascendance)
    the origin; the ancestry; the descent; the provenance; the source; the parentage; the birth
  2. la source (fontaine)
    the well
  3. la source (source d'informations)
  4. la source
    the source; the spring; the river source
  5. la source
    the source
    – Audio and video content that can be captured and encoded from devices installed on your computer or from a file. 1
  6. la source
    the source
    – The database in a particular operation that the operation does not modify. 1
  7. la source
    the source
    – The SSIS data flow component that makes data from different external data sources available to the other components in the data flow. 1
  8. la source (origine; commencement)
    the origin; the roots; the source
  9. la source (source d'inspiration; puits)
  10. la source (point d'eau)
    the water spring
  11. la source (source de données)
    the source; the data source
    – A disk, file, document, or other collection of information from which data is taken or moved. 1
  12. la source (fournisseur de source)
    the source; the source provider
    – A synchronization provider that enumerates any changes and sends them to the destination provider. 1

Translation Matrix for source:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ancestry ascendance; descendance; origine; provenance; racines; source
birth ascendance; descendance; origine; provenance; racines; source accouchement; couches; délivrance; naissance; parturition
data source source; source de données source de données
descent ascendance; descendance; origine; provenance; racines; source angle de pente; atterrissage; descendance; descente; inclination; origine
origin ascendance; commencement; descendance; origine; provenance; racines; source origine
parentage ascendance; descendance; origine; provenance; racines; source
provenance ascendance; descendance; origine; provenance; racines; source
river source source
roots commencement; origine; source
source ascendance; commencement; descendance; fournisseur de source; origine; provenance; racines; source; source de données
source of information source; source d'informations source d'information
source of inspiration puits; source; source d'inspiration
source provider fournisseur de source; source
spring source printemps
water spring point d'eau; source
well fontaine; source
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
spring faire ressort; germer; pousser; s'épanouir; être élastique
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
well abondant; aisé; bien portant; eh bien; en bonne condition; en bonne santé; en forme; entraîné; florissant; fortuné; mais si; nanti; or; prospère; sain; si

Synonyms for "source":

Wiktionary Translations for source:

  1. Endroit d’où sort l’eau
  2. Origine
  1. natural habitat
  2. metaphorical source
  3. something from which water flows
  4. source of a river, information, goods, etc.
  5. person, place or thing from which something comes or is acquired
  6. spring; fountainhead; collection of water
  7. reporter's informant
  8. (computing) source code
  9. (electronics) name of one terminal of a transistor
  10. water source
  11. spring

Cross Translation:
source origin; source Herkunftallgemein: woher etwas oder jemand kommt
source spring QuelleUrsprung eines Flusses, fließenden Gewässers; Ort des augenscheinlichen oberirdischen Austritts von Gewässern
source source; fountain QuellePerson, die über direkte Informationen verfügt
source source; fountain Quelle — wissenschaftlich auswertbares Primärmaterial
source spring; fountain; source bron — begin van een waterloop
source source bron — daar waar men informatie vandaan haalt

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