Detailed Translations for fight back from English to German

fight back:

to fight back verbe (fights back, fought back, fighting back)

  1. to fight back (struggle; resist)
    sich widersetzen; wehren; abwehren; sich wehren; sich sträuben
    • sich widersetzen verbe (widersetze mich, widersetzt dich, widersetzt sich, widersetzte sich, widersetztet euch, sich widersetzt)
    • wehren verbe (wehre, wehrst, wehrt, wehrte, wehrtet, gewehrt)
    • abwehren verbe (wehre ab, wehrst ab, wehrt ab, wehrte ab, wehrtet ab, abgewehrt)
    • sich wehren verbe (wehre mich, wehrst dich, wehrt sich, wehrte sich, wehrtet euch, sich gewehrt)
    • sich sträuben verbe (sträube mich, sträubst dich, sträubt sich, sträubte sich, sträubtet euch, sich gesträubt)

Conjugations for fight back:

  1. fight back
  2. fight back
  3. fights back
  4. fight back
  5. fight back
  6. fight back
simple past
  1. fought back
  2. fought back
  3. fought back
  4. fought back
  5. fought back
  6. fought back
present perfect
  1. have fought back
  2. have fought back
  3. has fought back
  4. have fought back
  5. have fought back
  6. have fought back
past continuous
  1. was fighting back
  2. were fighting back
  3. was fighting back
  4. were fighting back
  5. were fighting back
  6. were fighting back
  1. shall fight back
  2. will fight back
  3. will fight back
  4. shall fight back
  5. will fight back
  6. will fight back
continuous present
  1. am fighting back
  2. are fighting back
  3. is fighting back
  4. are fighting back
  5. are fighting back
  6. are fighting back
  1. be fought back
  2. be fought back
  3. be fought back
  4. be fought back
  5. be fought back
  6. be fought back
  1. fight back!
  2. let's fight back!
  3. fought back
  4. fighting back
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for fight back:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abwehren fight back; resist; struggle avert; fend off; field; foil; keep off; keep out; lay off; parry; prevent; ward off
sich sträuben fight back; resist; struggle
sich wehren fight back; resist; struggle avert; bluster; complain; crackle; grumble; keep out; mumble; mutter; prevent; sputter
sich widersetzen fight back; resist; struggle
wehren fight back; resist; struggle avert; keep out; prevent
- defend; fight; fight down; oppose

Synonyms for "fight back":

Related Definitions for "fight back":

  1. fight against or resist strongly1
  2. defend oneself1

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