Detailed Synonyms for aggrandize in English


aggrandize verbe, américain

  1. aggrandize
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    to embellish; to lard; to embroider; to blow up; to dramatize; to pad; aggrandise; aggrandize; dramatise
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    • embellish verbe (embellishes, embellished, embellishing)
    • lard verbe (lards, larded, larding)
    • embroider verbe (embroiders, embroidered, embroidering)
    • blow up verbe (blows up, blowing up)
    • dramatize verbe, américain (dramatizes, dramatized, dramatizing)
    • pad verbe (pads, padded, padding)
    • aggrandise verbe, britannique
    • aggrandize verbe, américain
    • dramatise verbe, britannique

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