Detailed Synonyms for note down in English

note down:

to note down verbe (notes down, noted down, noting down)

  1. to note down
    to register; to book; to record; to note; to write down; to note down; to inscribe; to list; to enter into
    • register verbe (registers, registered, registering)
    • book verbe (books, booked, booking)
    • record verbe (records, recorded, recording)
    • note verbe (notes, noted, noting)
    • write down verbe (writes down, wrote down, writing down)
    • note down verbe (notes down, noted down, noting down)
    • inscribe verbe (inscribes, inscribed, inscribing)
    • list verbe (lists, listed, listing)
    • enter into verbe (enters into, entered into, entering into)

Conjugations for note down:

  1. note down
  2. note down
  3. notes down
  4. note down
  5. note down
  6. note down
simple past
  1. noted down
  2. noted down
  3. noted down
  4. noted down
  5. noted down
  6. noted down
present perfect
  1. have noted down
  2. have noted down
  3. has noted down
  4. have noted down
  5. have noted down
  6. have noted down
past continuous
  1. was noting down
  2. were noting down
  3. was noting down
  4. were noting down
  5. were noting down
  6. were noting down
  1. shall note down
  2. will note down
  3. will note down
  4. shall note down
  5. will note down
  6. will note down
continuous present
  1. am noting down
  2. are noting down
  3. is noting down
  4. are noting down
  5. are noting down
  6. are noting down
  1. be noted down
  2. be noted down
  3. be noted down
  4. be noted down
  5. be noted down
  6. be noted down
  1. note down!
  2. let's note down!
  3. noted down
  4. noting down
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

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