Detailed Translations for deepen from English to Spanish


to deepen verbe (deepens, deepened, deepening)

  1. to deepen (intensify; strengthen; amplify; )
  2. to deepen (study in depth; explore in depth)

Conjugations for deepen:

  1. deepen
  2. deepen
  3. deepens
  4. deepen
  5. deepen
  6. deepen
simple past
  1. deepened
  2. deepened
  3. deepened
  4. deepened
  5. deepened
  6. deepened
present perfect
  1. have deepened
  2. have deepened
  3. has deepened
  4. have deepened
  5. have deepened
  6. have deepened
past continuous
  1. was deepening
  2. were deepening
  3. was deepening
  4. were deepening
  5. were deepening
  6. were deepening
  1. shall deepen
  2. will deepen
  3. will deepen
  4. shall deepen
  5. will deepen
  6. will deepen
continuous present
  1. am deepening
  2. are deepening
  3. is deepening
  4. are deepening
  5. are deepening
  6. are deepening
  1. be deepened
  2. be deepened
  3. be deepened
  4. be deepened
  5. be deepened
  6. be deepened
  1. deepen!
  2. let's deepen!
  3. deepened
  4. deepening
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for deepen:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ahondar studying in depth
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ahondar deepen; explore in depth; make more profound; study in depth excavate; exhume
intensificar acumilate; amplify; deepen; fortify; intensify; invigorate; strengthen become stronger; fortify; intensify; reinforce; strengthen
profundizar deepen; explore in depth; make more profound; study in depth excavate; exhume
- change; compound; heighten; intensify

Related Words for "deepen":

Synonyms for "deepen":

Related Definitions for "deepen":

  1. become more intense1
    • His dislike for raw fish only deepened in Japan1
  2. make more intense, stronger, or more marked1
    • This event only deepened my convictions1
  3. become deeper in tone1
    • Her voice deepened when she whispered the password1
  4. make deeper1
    • They deepened the lake so that bigger pleasure boats could use it1

Wiktionary Translations for deepen:

Cross Translation:
deepen profundizar; ahondar verdiepen — dieper maken
deepen profundizar approfondir — Traductions à trier suivant le sens

deepen form of deep:

deep [the ~] nom

  1. the deep (sea; blue)
    la mar
    • mar [la ~] nom

Translation Matrix for deep:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cariñoso chickadee; darling; ducky; peach; sweetie
mar blue; deep; sea alluvion; beating of the waves; oscillation; sea; swell; swinging; wash
íntimo chum; friend; intimate; pal
- oceanic abyss; trench
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- abstruse; bass; cryptic; cryptical; inscrutable; mysterious; mystifying; recondite; rich; thick
AdverbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- deeply; late
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cariñoso deep; profound affectionate; attached; beautiful; charming; cherished; confidential; dear; devoted; exclusive; favorite; favourite; fond; good looking; good-looking; handsome; intimate; lovely; loving; nice; personable; preferential; pretty; private; select; selected; snap; warm
entrañable deep; profound confidential; intimate; private
hondo consummate; deep; in depth; penetrating; perfect; profound; thorough heartfelt; hearty; sincere; whole-hearted
intenso deep; profound boisterousness; busily engaged; busy; decided; decisive; determined; dire; embittered; engaged; exasperated; fierce; furious; grim; grinding; heartfelt; heavy; intense; massive; occupied; penetrating; piercing; rasping; resolute; shrill; sullen; suppressed; tempestuous; tied up; vehement; violent
muy hundido deep; deep-seated
no superficial consummate; deep; in depth; penetrating; perfect; profound; thorough
profundo consummate; deep; in depth; penetrating; perfect; profound; thorough fierce; heartfelt; hearty; heavy; intense; massive; penetrating; profoundly; radical; sincere; thorough; vehement; violent; whole-hearted
sincero deep; profound confidential; cordial; cordially; fair; fierce; frank; genuine; heart-felt; heartfelt; heavy; honest; honorable; honourable; intense; intimate; just; open; outspoken; plain; private; right; right-minded; righteous; serious; sincere; sporting; straight; straightforward; true; true-hearted; upright; vehement; violent; wholehearted
tierno deep; profound abundant; affectionate; delicate; early youth; easily hurt; fond; lightly built; loving; opulent; oversensitive; petite; ragged; ramshackle; rickety; sensitive; slender; slight; small-boned; soft; subtle; succulent; susceptible; tender; tender age; tender hearted; thin; warm; wobbly; wonky; youthfully immature
íntimo deep; profound agreeable; comfortable; confidential; cosy; cozy; heartfelt; intimate; pleasant; pleasurable; private; snug

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Synonyms for "deep":

Antonyms for "deep":

Related Definitions for "deep":

  1. exhibiting great cunning usually with secrecy1
    • deep political machinations1
    • a deep plot1
  2. strong; intense1
    • deep purple1
  3. very distant in time or space1
    • deep in the past1
    • deep in enemy territory1
    • deep in the woods1
    • a deep space probe1
  4. having great spatial extension or penetration downward or inward from an outer surface or backward or laterally or outward from a center; sometimes used in combination1
    • a deep well1
    • a deep dive1
    • deep water1
    • a deep casserole1
    • a deep gash1
    • deep massage1
    • deep pressure receptors in muscles1
    • deep shelves1
    • a deep closet1
    • surrounded by a deep yard1
    • hit the ball to deep center field1
    • in deep space1
    • waist-deep1
  5. relatively deep or strong; affecting one deeply1
    • a deep breath1
    • a deep sigh1
    • deep concentration1
    • deep emotion1
    • a deep trance1
    • in a deep sleep1
  6. difficult to penetrate; incomprehensible to one of ordinary understanding or knowledge1
    • a deep metaphysical theory1
  7. of an obscure nature1
    • a deep dark secret1
  8. with head or back bent low1
    • a deep bow1
  9. having or denoting a low vocal or instrumental range1
    • a deep voice1
  10. large in quantity or size1
    • deep cuts in the budget1
  11. extreme1
    • in deep trouble1
    • deep happiness1
  12. (of darkness) very intense1
    • a face in deep shadow1
    • deep night1
  13. marked by depth of thinking1
    • deep thoughts1
    • a deep allegory1
  14. relatively thick from top to bottom1
    • deep carpets1
    • deep snow1
  15. extending relatively far inward1
    • a deep border1
  16. to a great depth;far down1
    • dug deep1
  17. to a great distance1
    • penetrated deep into enemy territory1
    • went deep into the woods1
  18. to an advanced time1
    • deep into the night1
  19. literary term for an ocean1
    • denizens of the deep1
  20. a long steep-sided depression in the ocean floor1
  21. the central and most intense or profound part1
    • in the deep of night1
    • in the deep of winter1

Wiktionary Translations for deep:

  1. with a lot of
  2. right into one's mind
  3. difficult to awake
  4. a long way inward
  5. of a color, dark and highly saturated
  6. of a sound or voice, low in pitch
  7. in extent in a direction away from the observer
  8. seriously or to a significant extent, not superficial
  9. profound
  10. having its bottom far down

Cross Translation:
deep hondo; profundo diep — waar de bodem ver naar beneden is
deep hueco; vacío; cariado; cóncavo; con hoyuelos; hondo; profundo; hundido; sumido; deprimido; ínútil; perdido creux — Qui présente une cavité, un trou intérieur.
deep profundo; hondo profond — De grande profondeur