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    • affirmer


Detailed Translations for affirm from English to French


to affirm verbe (affirms, affirmed, affirming)

  1. to affirm (trace; check; investigate; check out; go through again)
    vérifier; examiner; contrôler
    • vérifier verbe (vérifie, vérifies, vérifions, vérifiez, )
    • examiner verbe (examine, examines, examinons, examinez, )
    • contrôler verbe (contrôle, contrôles, contrôlons, contrôlez, )

Conjugations for affirm:

  1. affirm
  2. affirm
  3. affirms
  4. affirm
  5. affirm
  6. affirm
simple past
  1. affirmed
  2. affirmed
  3. affirmed
  4. affirmed
  5. affirmed
  6. affirmed
present perfect
  1. have affirmed
  2. have affirmed
  3. has affirmed
  4. have affirmed
  5. have affirmed
  6. have affirmed
past continuous
  1. was affirming
  2. were affirming
  3. was affirming
  4. were affirming
  5. were affirming
  6. were affirming
  1. shall affirm
  2. will affirm
  3. will affirm
  4. shall affirm
  5. will affirm
  6. will affirm
continuous present
  1. am affirming
  2. are affirming
  3. is affirming
  4. are affirming
  5. are affirming
  6. are affirming
  1. be affirmed
  2. be affirmed
  3. be affirmed
  4. be affirmed
  5. be affirmed
  6. be affirmed
  1. affirm!
  2. let's affirm!
  3. affirmed
  4. affirming
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for affirm:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
examiner inspection; view; visit
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
contrôler affirm; check; check out; go through again; investigate; trace audit; be the one in control; check; control; curb; dominate; examine; govern; have it taped; have the upper hand; hear; inspect; look at; prove; restrain; scrutinise; scrutinize; test; understand; verify; view; watch
examiner affirm; check; check out; go through again; investigate; trace audit; cast an eye on; check; consider; control; examine; explore; glance; hear; inspect; investigate; look; look at; look into; look on; observe; regard; research; sample; scrutinise; scrutinize; search for; see; see over; see round; sniff around; study; survey; take samples; test; think it over; think out; think over; try; verify; view; visit; watch
vérifier affirm; check; check out; go through again; investigate; trace audit; check; control; demonstrate; determine; establish; examine; identify; inquire; inspect; investigate; justify; look up; prove; research; review; study; test; try; verify
- assert; aver; avow; confirm; corroborate; substantiate; support; sustain; swan; swear; verify

Related Words for "affirm":

  • reaffirm, affirming

Synonyms for "affirm":

Antonyms for "affirm":

  • negate

Related Definitions for "affirm":

  1. establish or strengthen as with new evidence or facts1
  2. to declare or affirm solemnly and formally as true1
  3. say yes to1

Wiktionary Translations for affirm:

  1. Assurer, soutenir qu’une chose est vraie.
  2. Exprimer qu’une chose est.
  3. Assurer avec serment.
  4. Engager quelqu’un à croire en une chose, affirmer une chose
  5. Témoigner qu’une chose est vraie.
  6. Faire persister quelqu’un dans une opinion, dans une résolution, l’affermir dans cette opinion, dans cette résolution.
  7. Consigner une chose dans un acte fait dans les formes.
  8. Il s’emploie également à propos des actes, des écrits qui font foi de quelque chose.
  9. Traductions à trier suivant le sens
  10. exercer une pression, serrer plus ou moins fort.

Cross Translation:
affirm confirmer; accepter; affirmer; ratifier bevestigen — zeggen dat iets is zoals gevraagd is of verondersteld wordt