Detailed Translations for bicker from English to French


to bicker verbe (bickers, bickered, bickering)

  1. to bicker (squabble)
    chicaner; discutailler; être en bisbille avec quelqu'un
    • chicaner verbe (chicane, chicanes, chicanons, chicanez, )
    • discutailler verbe (discutaille, discutailles, discutaillons, discutaillez, )
  2. to bicker (squabble)
  3. to bicker (quarrel; make trouble; wrangle; altercate)
    se disputer; se quereller; argumenter; se chamailler
    • se disputer verbe
    • se quereller verbe
    • argumenter verbe (argumente, argumentes, argumentons, argumentez, )

Conjugations for bicker:

  1. bicker
  2. bicker
  3. bickers
  4. bicker
  5. bicker
  6. bicker
simple past
  1. bickered
  2. bickered
  3. bickered
  4. bickered
  5. bickered
  6. bickered
present perfect
  1. have bickered
  2. have bickered
  3. has bickered
  4. have bickered
  5. have bickered
  6. have bickered
past continuous
  1. was bickering
  2. were bickering
  3. was bickering
  4. were bickering
  5. were bickering
  6. were bickering
  1. shall bicker
  2. will bicker
  3. will bicker
  4. shall bicker
  5. will bicker
  6. will bicker
continuous present
  1. am bickering
  2. are bickering
  3. is bickering
  4. are bickering
  5. are bickering
  6. are bickering
  1. be bickered
  2. be bickered
  3. be bickered
  4. be bickered
  5. be bickered
  6. be bickered
  1. bicker!
  2. let's bicker!
  3. bickered
  4. bickering
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for bicker:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
chicaner split hairs
- bickering; fuss; pettifoggery; spat; squabble; tiff
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
argumenter altercate; bicker; make trouble; quarrel; wrangle argue; assert; contend; debate; demonstrate; discuss; dispute; do as if; feign; pretend; reason; sham
chicaner bicker; squabble badger; chicane; have something on one's mind; nag; niggle; pester; split hairs
discutailler bicker; squabble
se chamailler altercate; bicker; make trouble; quarrel; squabble; wrangle fight; scrap; scuffle
se disputer altercate; bicker; make trouble; quarrel; wrangle altercate; argue; call someone names; debate; dispute; quarrel; twist; wrangle
se quereller altercate; bicker; make trouble; quarrel; squabble; wrangle call someone names; fight; scrap; scuffle
être en bisbille avec quelqu'un bicker; squabble
- brabble; niggle; pettifog; quibble; squabble

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Related Definitions for "bicker":

  1. a quarrel about petty points1
  2. argue over petty things1

Wiktionary Translations for bicker:

  1. to quarrel in a tiresome manner
Cross Translation:
bicker se disputer ruziën — (inergatief) ruzie maken.
bicker se chamailler bekvechten — ruzie maken
bicker criailler keifen — fortwährend (störend), oft gehässig schimpfen und nörgeln