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Detailed Translations for chortle from English to French


to chortle verbe (chortles, chortled, chortling)

  1. to chortle (chuckle; snigger; snicker)
    ricaner; rire en sourdine; sourire; faire des grimaces
    • ricaner verbe (ricane, ricanes, ricanons, ricanez, )
    • sourire verbe (souris, sourit, sourions, souriez, )

Conjugations for chortle:

  1. chortle
  2. chortle
  3. chortles
  4. chortle
  5. chortle
  6. chortle
simple past
  1. chortled
  2. chortled
  3. chortled
  4. chortled
  5. chortled
  6. chortled
present perfect
  1. have chortled
  2. have chortled
  3. has chortled
  4. have chortled
  5. have chortled
  6. have chortled
past continuous
  1. was chortling
  2. were chortling
  3. was chortling
  4. were chortling
  5. were chortling
  6. were chortling
  1. shall chortle
  2. will chortle
  3. will chortle
  4. shall chortle
  5. will chortle
  6. will chortle
continuous present
  1. am chortling
  2. are chortling
  3. is chortling
  4. are chortling
  5. are chortling
  6. are chortling
  1. be chortled
  2. be chortled
  3. be chortled
  4. be chortled
  5. be chortled
  6. be chortled
  1. chortle!
  2. let's chortle!
  3. chortled
  4. chortling
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

chortle [the ~] nom

  1. the chortle (chuckle; snigger; grinning; chuckling)
    le ricanement; le ricanements; le rires étouffés

Translation Matrix for chortle:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ricanement chortle; chuckle; chuckling; grinning; snigger cheering; cheers; derision; exultation; giggling; grin; grinning; jeering; jibe; jubilation; laughter; rejoicing; scornful laughter; smiling; smirk; sneer; sneering; sniggering; tittering
ricanements chortle; chuckle; chuckling; grinning; snigger
rires étouffés chortle; chuckle; chuckling; grinning; snigger giggling; laughing; sniggering; tittering
sourire grin; grinning at; half smile; smile
- chuckle
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
faire des grimaces chortle; chuckle; snicker; snigger make faces; smirk
ricaner chortle; chuckle; snicker; snigger chuckle; giggle; gloat; smile coyly; snicker; snigger; titter
rire en sourdine chortle; chuckle; snicker; snigger chuckle; gloat; smile coyly; snicker
sourire chortle; chuckle; snicker; snigger chuckle; smile
- chuckle; laugh softly

Related Words for "chortle":

  • chortling, chortles, chortler

Synonyms for "chortle":

Related Definitions for "chortle":

  1. a soft partly suppressed laugh1
  2. laugh quietly or with restraint1

Wiktionary Translations for chortle:

  1. to laugh with a chortle or chortles
  1. joyful, somewhat muffled laugh

Cross Translation:
chortle glousser glucksenintransitiv, beim Lachen: unterdrückte, dunkel klingende Laute stoßweise von sich geben