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Detailed Translations for contribute from English to French


to contribute verbe (contributes, contributed, contributing)

  1. to contribute
    contribuer; apporter; cotiser
    • contribuer verbe (contribue, contribues, contribuons, contribuez, )
    • apporter verbe (apporte, apportes, apportons, apportez, )
    • cotiser verbe (cotise, cotises, cotisons, cotisez, )
  2. to contribute (send in; enter)
    • envoyer verbe (envoie, envoies, envoyons, envoyez, )
  3. to contribute (share in the costs; pay; make up)
    participer aux frais; ajouter; payer un supplément
    • ajouter verbe (ajoute, ajoutes, ajoutons, ajoutez, )

Conjugations for contribute:

  1. contribute
  2. contribute
  3. contributes
  4. contribute
  5. contribute
  6. contribute
simple past
  1. contributed
  2. contributed
  3. contributed
  4. contributed
  5. contributed
  6. contributed
present perfect
  1. have contributed
  2. have contributed
  3. has contributed
  4. have contributed
  5. have contributed
  6. have contributed
past continuous
  1. was contributing
  2. were contributing
  3. was contributing
  4. were contributing
  5. were contributing
  6. were contributing
  1. shall contribute
  2. will contribute
  3. will contribute
  4. shall contribute
  5. will contribute
  6. will contribute
continuous present
  1. am contributing
  2. are contributing
  3. is contributing
  4. are contributing
  5. are contributing
  6. are contributing
  1. be contributed
  2. be contributed
  3. be contributed
  4. be contributed
  5. be contributed
  6. be contributed
  1. contribute!
  2. let's contribute!
  3. contributed
  4. contributing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for contribute:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ajouter contribute; make up; pay; share in the costs add; add to; add to mixture; add up; append; besiege; besieged; besieges; blend with; contribute more; count in; count up; cover; encapsulate; enclose; evnvelope; fill; fill up; include; introduce; join; join up; pay extra; pay in; put in; replenish; settle the difference; surround; tally up; to make complete; top up; total; unite; wrap up
apporter contribute bring; bring along; bring around; carry; carry up; deliver; furnish; get better; give; hand over to; improve; lead up; lead upwards; provide; put up for shipment; send; send round; ship; supply; take
contribuer contribute assist; help; help out
cotiser contribute
envoyer contribute; enter; send in begin; commence; deposit; direct; email; introduce; introduce somebody to; mail; refer to; remit; send; send round; send towards; set in motion; set up; ship; start; start to; strike up; submit; supply; take off; take on; transfer; undertake
participer aux frais contribute; make up; pay; share in the costs
payer un supplément contribute; make up; pay; share in the costs pay an additional charge; pay extra
- add; bestow; bring; chip in; conduce; give; impart; kick in; lead; lend; put up
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- pay in

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Related Definitions for "contribute":

  1. provide1
  2. contribute to some cause1
  3. bestow a quality on1
  4. be conducive to1

Wiktionary Translations for contribute:

  1. to give something, that is or becomes part of a larger whole
  1. aider, de quelque manière que ce soit, à l’exécution, au succès d’un dessein, d’une entreprise ; avoir part à un certain résultat.

Cross Translation:
contribute contribuer bijdragen — een aandeel leveren

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