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  1. contuse:


Detailed Translations for contuse from English to French


to contuse verbe (contuses, contused, contusing)

  1. to contuse (hurt; bruise; ache; injure; wound)
    blesser; léser; meurtrir; injurier
    • blesser verbe (blesse, blesses, blessons, blessez, )
    • léser verbe (lèse, lèses, lésons, lésez, )
    • meurtrir verbe (meurtris, meurtrit, meurtrissons, meurtrissez, )
    • injurier verbe (injurie, injuries, injurions, injuriez, )

Conjugations for contuse:

  1. contuse
  2. contuse
  3. contuses
  4. contuse
  5. contuse
  6. contuse
simple past
  1. contused
  2. contused
  3. contused
  4. contused
  5. contused
  6. contused
present perfect
  1. have contused
  2. have contused
  3. has contused
  4. have contused
  5. have contused
  6. have contused
past continuous
  1. was contusing
  2. were contusing
  3. was contusing
  4. were contusing
  5. were contusing
  6. were contusing
  1. shall contuse
  2. will contuse
  3. will contuse
  4. shall contuse
  5. will contuse
  6. will contuse
continuous present
  1. am contusing
  2. are contusing
  3. is contusing
  4. are contusing
  5. are contusing
  6. are contusing
  1. be contused
  2. be contused
  3. be contused
  4. be contused
  5. be contused
  6. be contused
  1. contuse!
  2. let's contuse!
  3. contused
  4. contusing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for contuse:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
blesser ache; bruise; contuse; hurt; injure; wound aggrieve; attack; beat up; bruise; cause damage; damage; defamate; do harm; erode; harm; hurt; hurt oneself; hurt someone's feelings; injure; injure oneself; insult; knock about; maul; offend; slander; spoil; torment; torture; wound; wound oneself
injurier ache; bruise; contuse; hurt; injure; wound abuse; aggrieve; bawl; be furious; bruise; call names; call someone names; curse; damage; go off the deep end; grumble; harm; hurt; injure; jeer; jeer at; rage; rant; rave; scoff at; scream; storm; swear; taunt; thunder; to be furious; wound; yell
léser ache; bruise; contuse; hurt; injure; wound aggrieve; be disadvantuous; bruise; cause damage; cause disadvantage; damage; discriminate; do harm; harm; hurt; injure
meurtrir ache; bruise; contuse; hurt; injure; wound aggrieve; bounce; damage; harm; injure; rebound
- bruise

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  1. injure the underlying soft tissue or bone of1