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crow's nest:

crow's nest [the ~] nom

  1. the crow's nest (observation post; vantage point; lookout)
  2. the crow's nest
    la veille; le guetteur; le nid de pie; le garde; le gardien; la ronde; le guet; l'observatoire; la patrouille; la garde de nuit; le poste de garde; le poste d'observation; le poste de surveillance

Translation Matrix for crow's nest:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
créneau d'observation crow's nest; lookout; observation post; vantage point
garde crow's nest administration; attendant; bodyguard; care; control; custody; deposit at; depository; entrust to; guard; guardianship; keeping; leave with; lodge with; management; monitoring; nurse; observation; patrol; preservation; saving; sentry; storing; supervision; surveillance; usher; warder; watch; watchman; wet-nurse
garde de nuit crow's nest wake
gardien crow's nest aide; animal foster; attendant; bodyguard; caretaker; conservator; door-keeper; facilitator; gate-keeper; guard; guardsman; jailer; keeper; landlady; landlord; lodging-house keeper; marker; nurse; orderly; prison guard; protector; school porter; sentry; usher; warden; warder; watchman
guet crow's nest guard; sentry; spying; warder; watching; watchman
guetteur crow's nest guard; peeper; peeping Tom
mirador crow's nest; lookout; observation post; vantage point
nid de pie crow's nest
observatoire crow's nest; lookout; observation post; vantage point observatory
patrouille crow's nest guard; guards; look-outs; men on guard; patrol; patrols; reconnaisance; sentries; sentry; squads on guard; warder; watchers; watchman; watchmen
poste d'observation crow's nest; lookout; observation post; vantage point observation post
poste de garde crow's nest post; sentry
poste de surveillance crow's nest
poste de veille crow's nest; lookout; observation post; vantage point
ronde crow's nest avenue; circle; distance; journey; making one's round; path; reach; ring; road; round; round dance; small circle; stretch; tour; tour of inspection; track; trail; way
veille crow's nest wake
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
garde guard
veille sleep; sleep mode; standby

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  1. platform for a lookout at or near the top of a mast1

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Cross Translation:
• crow's nest nid-de-pie kraaiennest — uitkijkplaats in de mast van een schip
• crow's nest nid-de-pie kraaiennest — nest van een kraai

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