Detailed Translations for enrage from English to French


to enrage verbe (enrages, enraged, enraging)

  1. to enrage (disturb; incense; anger; upset)
    déranger; perturber; interrompre; troubler; gêner; brouiller; irriter; fâcher; mettre en colère
    • déranger verbe (dérange, déranges, dérangeons, dérangez, )
    • perturber verbe (perturbe, perturbes, perturbons, perturbez, )
    • interrompre verbe (interromps, interrompt, interrompons, interrompez, )
    • troubler verbe (trouble, troubles, troublons, troublez, )
    • gêner verbe (gêne, gênes, gênons, gênez, )
    • brouiller verbe (brouille, brouilles, brouillons, brouillez, )
    • irriter verbe (irrite, irrites, irritons, irritez, )
    • fâcher verbe (fâche, fâches, fâchons, fâchez, )

Conjugations for enrage:

  1. enrage
  2. enrage
  3. enrages
  4. enrage
  5. enrage
  6. enrage
simple past
  1. enraged
  2. enraged
  3. enraged
  4. enraged
  5. enraged
  6. enraged
present perfect
  1. have enraged
  2. have enraged
  3. has enraged
  4. have enraged
  5. have enraged
  6. have enraged
past continuous
  1. was enraging
  2. were enraging
  3. was enraging
  4. were enraging
  5. were enraging
  6. were enraging
  1. shall enrage
  2. will enrage
  3. will enrage
  4. shall enrage
  5. will enrage
  6. will enrage
continuous present
  1. am enraging
  2. are enraging
  3. is enraging
  4. are enraging
  5. are enraging
  6. are enraging
  1. be enraged
  2. be enraged
  3. be enraged
  4. be enraged
  5. be enraged
  6. be enraged
  1. enrage!
  2. let's enrage!
  3. enraged
  4. enraging
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for enrage:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
brouiller anger; disturb; enrage; incense; upset churn; foul up; mess up; muck up; ruin; stir; upset
déranger anger; disturb; enrage; incense; upset annoy; block; bother; disturb; hamper; harass; hinder; impede; inconvenience; interrupt; make impossible; obstruct; stonewall; thwart; trouble; visit
fâcher anger; disturb; enrage; incense; upset
gêner anger; disturb; enrage; incense; upset badger; be embarrassed; be shy; block; bother; cross; feel ill at ease; hamper; harass; have something on one's mind; hinder; impede; make impossible; nag; obstruct; oppose; pester; prevent; sabotage; stem; stonewall; stop; thwart; trouble; upset; visit
interrompre anger; disturb; enrage; incense; upset adjourn; break down; break in; bring to a close; bring to a conclusion; bring to an end; butt in; conclude; end; finish; finish off; hamper; hinder; impede; intercede; interrupt; obstruct; pause; sever; stonewall
irriter anger; disturb; enrage; incense; upset anger; annoy; blow; cause irritation; chafe; destroy; give offence; grate; irritate; nag; plane; ruin; smooth; vex
mettre en colère anger; disturb; enrage; incense; upset
perturber anger; disturb; enrage; incense; upset
troubler anger; disturb; enrage; incense; upset cloud; disrupt; embarrass; obscure
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
interrompre suspend

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Related Definitions for "enrage":

  1. put into a rage; make violently angry1

Wiktionary Translations for enrage:

  1. to fill with rage