Detailed Translations for excesses from English to French


excesses [the ~] nom

  1. the excesses (abundances)
  2. the excesses (abundances)

Translation Matrix for excesses:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abondances abundances; excesses
excès abundances; excesses; profusions debauchery; dissipation; exaggeration; excess; excrescence; extravagance; extreme; exuberance; fit of rage; fit of temper; last-ditch; lawlessness; licentiousness; limit; outburst of anger; overflow; profusion; splurge; spurt of anger; surplus; utmost

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excesses form of excess:

excess [the ~] nom

  1. the excess (exuberance; overflow; profusion)
    le débordement; l'excès; le surplus; l'immodération; l'abondance; l'excédent
  2. the excess (excrescence)
    l'excès; l'excroissance; la protubérance; l'excentricité; le caroncule; l'extravagance
  3. the excess (lawlessness; debauchery; extravagance; dissipation; licentiousness)
    le libertinage; l'excès; la démesure; la débauche
  4. the excess (splurge; extravagance)
    l'illimité; l'excès; la débauche; la démesure

Translation Matrix for excess:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abondance excess; exuberance; overflow; profusion a whole lot; abundance; affluence; excessiveness; heap; load; lot; luxury; mass; multitude; overabundance; profusion; quite a lot; surplus
caroncule excess; excrescence
débauche debauchery; dissipation; excess; extravagance; lawlessness; licentiousness; splurge debauchery; dissipation; fit of rage; fit of temper; fornication; immorality; licentiousness; outburst of anger; spurt of anger
débordement excess; exuberance; overflow; profusion boiling over; cloud burst; flooding; inundation; surplus
démesure debauchery; dissipation; excess; extravagance; lawlessness; licentiousness; splurge being unrestrained; exaggeration; immoderateness; unbridledness; unlimitedness
excentricité excess; excrescence eccentricity; fit of rage; fit of temper; habit; heterogeneity; oddity; oddness; outburst of anger; peculiarity; queerness; singularity; spurt of anger; strangeness
excroissance excess; excrescence
excès debauchery; dissipation; excess; excrescence; extravagance; exuberance; lawlessness; licentiousness; overflow; profusion; splurge abundances; exaggeration; excesses; extreme; fit of rage; fit of temper; last-ditch; limit; outburst of anger; profusions; spurt of anger; surplus; utmost
excédent excess; exuberance; overflow; profusion surplus; surplus value
extravagance excess; excrescence exaggeration; extravagance; fit of rage; fit of temper; outburst of anger; prodigality; spurt of anger
illimité excess; extravagance; splurge
immodération excess; exuberance; overflow; profusion
libertinage debauchery; dissipation; excess; extravagance; lawlessness; licentiousness immorality
protubérance excess; excrescence
surplus excess; exuberance; overflow; profusion balance; balances; surplus; surplusses
- excessiveness; inordinateness; nimiety; overabundance; overindulgence; surfeit; surplus; surplusage
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- extra; redundant; spare; supererogatory; superfluous; supernumerary; surplus
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
de trop excess; superfluous; surplus needless; redundant; superfluous; supernumerary; surplus; unnecessary
en surnombre excess; superfluous; surplus
excédentaire excess; superfluous; surplus
illimité eternal; indefinitely; infinite; unbounded; unlimited; unrestricted; vast
superflu excess; superfluous; surplus needless; redundant; superfluous; unnecessary

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Related Definitions for "excess":

  1. more than is needed, desired, or required1
    • trying to lose excess weight1
  2. excessive indulgence1
  3. immoderation as a consequence of going beyond sufficient or permitted limits1
  4. a quantity much larger than is needed1
  5. the state of being more than full1

Wiktionary Translations for excess:

  1. insurance condition
  2. degree by which one thing exceeds another
Cross Translation:
excess excès; dévergondage; débauche; débordement Ausschreitung — eine maßlose Handlung, Ausschweifung
excess excès Exzess — maßlose Übertreibung