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  1. get worse:


Detailed Translations for get worse from English to French

get worse:

get worse verbe

  1. get worse (worsen; deteriorate)
    se détériorer; empirer; s'aggraver
    • empirer verbe (empire, empires, empirons, empirez, )
    • s'aggraver verbe

Translation Matrix for get worse:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
empirer deteriorate; get worse; worsen
s'aggraver deteriorate; get worse; worsen acumilate; aggravate; amplify; deepen; escalate; fortify; intensify; invigorate; load; make heavier; snowball; strengthen; weight
se détériorer deteriorate; get worse; worsen decay; go bad; rot; spoil
- relapse

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Related Definitions for "get worse":

  1. deteriorate in health1

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