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Detailed Translations for groin from English to French


groin [the ~] nom

  1. the groin
  2. the groin (crotch; balls)
    le croupion; la croix

Translation Matrix for groin:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aine groin
croix balls; crotch; groin DAGGER; cross; crosses; crupper; dagger; shape of a cross; sign of the cross
croupion balls; crotch; groin backside; rump; tailpiece
- breakwater; bulwark; groyne; inguen; jetty; mole; seawall
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- bank revetment; pitching; stone pitching

Related Words for "groin":

  • groins

Synonyms for "groin":

Related Definitions for "groin":

  1. a protective structure of stone or concrete; extends from shore into the water to prevent a beach from washing away1
  2. a curved edge formed by two intersecting vaults1
  3. the crease at the junction of the inner part of the thigh with the trunk together with the adjacent region and often including the external genitals1
  4. build with groins1
    • The ceiling was groined1

Wiktionary Translations for groin:

  1. long narrow depression of the human body that separates the trunk from the legs
  1. anatomie|fr Partie du corps humain ou animal qui est entre le haut de la cuisse et le bas-ventre.

Cross Translation:
groin aine lies — anatomie|nld gedeelte van de buikstreek die met de liesplooi de grens vormt tussen onderlichaam en dij
groin épi Buhne — im rechten Winkel zum Strandverlauf in das Meer vorgebautes oder quer zum Ufer eines Flusses errichtetes wand- oder dammartiges Bauwerk
groin région de l’aine; région inguinale LeistengegendAnatomie: Bereich (Gegend), der um die Leisten gelegen ist

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