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Detailed Translations for infallible from English to French


Translation Matrix for infallible:

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correct faultless; flawless; infallible accurate; as it should be; becoming; befitting; blameless; chivalrous; civil; clean; correct; courteous; decent; dignified; exactly; fair; faultless; fitting; flawless; honest; honorable; honourable; impeccable; just; neat; perfect; precise; proper; properly; reasonable; reputable; respectable; right; suitably; tolerable; virtuous; well-mannered; worthy
impeccable faultless; flawless; infallible; unfailing blameless; choice; clean as a whistle; consummate; correct; excellent; exemplary; fashionable; faultless; fine; first-class; first-rate; flawless; great; ideal; immaculate; impeccable; incorrigible; inveterate; natty; perfect; posh; slick; smart; snappy; snazzy; spick and span; spick-and-span; splendid; spotless; stylish; sublime; superb; swell; terrific; thorough; tip-top; tiptop; top-class; top-notch; tops; trendy; undamaged; untainted; whole
infaillible faultless; flawless; infallible; unfailing
sans défaut faultless; flawless; infallible flawless; perfect; undamaged; untainted; whole
sans faute faultless; flawless; infallible; unfailing
sans fautes faultless; flawless; infallible flawless; perfect

Synonyms for "infallible":

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Related Definitions for "infallible":

  1. incapable of failure or error1
    • an infallible antidote1
    • an infallible memory1
    • the Catholic Church considers the Pope infallible1
    • no doctor is infallible1

Wiktionary Translations for infallible:

  1. without fault or weakness; incapable of error or fallacy
  1. Qui est certain et immanquable.

Cross Translation:
infallible infaillible unfehlbar — keine Fehler machend, sich nie irrend; in seinen Entscheidungen und Urteilen keinem Fehler oder Irrtum unterworfen