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Detailed Translations for inflate from English to French


to inflate verbe (inflates, inflated, inflating)

  1. to inflate (fill; fill in)
    remplir; emplir; bourrer
    • remplir verbe (remplis, remplit, remplissons, remplissez, )
    • emplir verbe
    • bourrer verbe (bourre, bourres, bourrons, bourrez, )

Conjugations for inflate:

  1. inflate
  2. inflate
  3. inflates
  4. inflate
  5. inflate
  6. inflate
simple past
  1. inflated
  2. inflated
  3. inflated
  4. inflated
  5. inflated
  6. inflated
present perfect
  1. have inflated
  2. have inflated
  3. has inflated
  4. have inflated
  5. have inflated
  6. have inflated
past continuous
  1. was inflating
  2. were inflating
  3. was inflating
  4. were inflating
  5. were inflating
  6. were inflating
  1. shall inflate
  2. will inflate
  3. will inflate
  4. shall inflate
  5. will inflate
  6. will inflate
continuous present
  1. am inflating
  2. are inflating
  3. is inflating
  4. are inflating
  5. are inflating
  6. are inflating
  1. be inflated
  2. be inflated
  3. be inflated
  4. be inflated
  5. be inflated
  6. be inflated
  1. inflate!
  2. let's inflate!
  3. inflated
  4. inflating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for inflate:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bourrer fill; fill in; inflate fill; fill in; fill up; pump full; stuff; stuff with food
emplir fill; fill in; inflate fill
remplir fill; fill in; inflate add; count up; cover; cover up; fill; fill in; fill out; fill up; populate; pump full; replenish; take up space; to make complete; top up; total
- amplify; balloon; billow; blow up; expand

Related Words for "inflate":

Synonyms for "inflate":

Antonyms for "inflate":

  • deflate

Related Definitions for "inflate":

  1. become inflated1
  2. fill with gas or air1
    • inflate a balloons1
  3. exaggerate or make bigger1
    • The charges were inflated1
  4. increase the amount or availability of, creating a rise in value1
    • inflate the currency1
  5. cause prices to rise by increasing the available currency or credit1
    • The war inflated the economy1

Wiktionary Translations for inflate:

  1. to enlarge the volume occupied by an object
  1. informatique|fr angl|fr Extraire des données d'un flux et les convertir dans un format utile à l'application.
  2. augmenter un corps de volume ; gonfler.
  3. Augmenter de volume, faire saillir.
  4. Augmenter fortement et de manière anormale.
  5. rendre plus haut, mettre dans une situation plus haute, élever.

Cross Translation:
inflate gonfler opzwellen — in volume toenemen