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  1. pettifoggery:


Detailed Translations for pettifoggery from English to French


pettifoggery [the ~] nom

  1. the pettifoggery (quibble)
  2. the pettifoggery (chicanery; perversion of justice; strained interpretation of the law)
    la dénaturation

Translation Matrix for pettifoggery:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
chicane pettifoggery; quibble arguing; bickering; cavilling; fault-finding; hairsplitting; niggling; nitpicking; quarreling; quibbling; splitting hairs; squabbling; wrangling
couper les cheveux en quatre pettifoggery; quibble
dénaturation chicanery; perversion of justice; pettifoggery; strained interpretation of the law deceit; denaturing; falseness; falsity; illegitimacy; spuriousness
- bicker; bickering; fuss; spat; squabble; tiff

Synonyms for "pettifoggery":

Related Definitions for "pettifoggery":

  1. a quarrel about petty points1