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Detailed Translations for prolongation from English to French


prolongation [the ~] nom

  1. the prolongation (renewal)
    le renouvellement; la prolongation; la prorogation
  2. the prolongation
    la prolongation

Translation Matrix for prolongation:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
prolongation prolongation; renewal duration; extension; length; long-duration
prorogation prolongation; renewal adjournment
renouvellement prolongation; renewal innovation; reform; renewal
- continuation; extension; lengthening; lengthiness; perpetuation; protraction

Related Words for "prolongation":

  • prolongations

Synonyms for "prolongation":

Related Definitions for "prolongation":

  1. the act of prolonging something1
    • there was an indefinite prolongation of the peace talks1
  2. the consequence of being lengthened in duration1
  3. amount or degree or range to which something extends1

Wiktionary Translations for prolongation:

  1. Action de prolonger (1)

Cross Translation:
prolongation prolongation verlenging — het verlengen
prolongation prolongation prolongatieverlenging (van een tijdsduur, van een overeenkomst, van een betalingstermijn)