Detailed Translations for relate to from English to French

relate to:

relate to verbe

  1. relate to (concern; regard; affect; touch)
    concerner; regarder; toucher; se rapporter à; atteindre; intéresser
    • concerner verbe (concerne, concernes, concernons, concernez, )
    • regarder verbe (regarde, regardes, regardons, regardez, )
    • toucher verbe (touche, touches, touchons, touchez, )
    • atteindre verbe (atteins, atteint, atteignons, atteignez, )
    • intéresser verbe (intéresse, intéresses, intéressons, intéressez, )

Translation Matrix for relate to:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
concerner concerning
toucher impact; sense of touch; sensory perception; tactile sense; touch
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
atteindre affect; concern; regard; relate to; touch Go; affect; arrive; concern; culminate; elapse; end in; end up at; expire; fall; gain; get through; go by; hit; land; lead to; move; pass; reach; result in; strike; touch; win
concerner affect; concern; regard; relate to; touch affect; concern; hit; impress; influence; move; regard; strike; touch
intéresser affect; concern; regard; relate to; touch interest; raise interest
regarder affect; concern; regard; relate to; touch affect; become aware of; behold; cast an eye on; check; concern; control; examine; glance; glance at; inspect; keep an eye on; look; look at; look into; look on; monitor; notice; observe; perceive; regard; scrutinise; scrutinize; see; see in; see over; see round; spectate; touch; verify; view; visit; watch
se rapporter à affect; concern; regard; relate to; touch affect; impress; influence; refer
toucher affect; concern; regard; relate to; touch acquire; affect; be adjacent to; bear; begin; border; border on; cash; cause emotions; collect money; come by; commence; concern; earn; earn wages; feel; gain; get over; glance; grope; hit; impress; influence; just touch; meet; move; obtain; procure; recover; regard; revive; set in motion; set up; start; start to; stir; strike; strike up; tag; take off; take on; take upon oneself; tap; tick; touch; touch upon; undertake; verge on

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