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Detailed Translations for scoop from English to French


scoop [the ~] nom

  1. the scoop
    le primeur; le scoop; la première
  2. the scoop (spade; shovel; trowel)
    – a large ladle 1
    la pelle
  3. the scoop (ladle; bucket)
    – a large ladle 1
    la pelle; le seau; la bêche; la spatule; le sceau à puiser
  4. the scoop (spoon)
    la cuiller; la mouvette

Translation Matrix for scoop:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bêche bucket; ladle; scoop
cuiller scoop; spoon spoon; teaspoon
mouvette scoop; spoon dipper; ladle
pelle bucket; ladle; scoop; shovel; spade; trowel French kiss
première scoop première; try out
primeur scoop early fruit and vegetables
sceau à puiser bucket; ladle; scoop
scoop scoop
seau bucket; ladle; scoop barrel; bucket; butt; cask; drum; hold; pail; pan; tub; vat; vessel
spatule bucket; ladle; scoop slice; spatula; stirring-spoon
- Georgia home boy; easy lay; exclusive; goop; grievous bodily harm; liquid ecstasy; max; pocket; scoop shovel; scoopful; soap
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- best; lift out; outdo; outflank; scoop out; scoop up; take up; trump

Related Words for "scoop":

  • scoops

Synonyms for "scoop":

Related Definitions for "scoop":

  1. a large ladle1
    • he used a scoop to serve the ice cream1
  2. the shovel or bucket of a dredge or backhoe1
  3. street names for gamma hydroxybutyrate1
  4. a news report that is reported first by one news organization1
    • he got a scoop on the bribery of city officials1
  5. the quantity a scoop will hold1
  6. a hollow concave shape made by removing something1
  7. get the better of1
  8. take out or up with or as if with a scoop1
    • scoop the sugar out of the container1

Wiktionary Translations for scoop:

  1. any cup- or bowl-shaped object
  1. to lift, move, or collect with or as though with a scoop
  1. qualité de ce qui est exclusif, sans partage.

Cross Translation:
scoop boule de glace Eiskugelkugelförmige Portion Speiseeis
scoop louche Kelle — ein Schöpflöffel
scoop écope; cuillère à pot; louche SchöpferKüche: Küchengerät, mit dem Flüssigkeiten oder Substanzen in größerer Menge aus einem Gefäß entnommen werden

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