Detailed Translations for showboat from English to French


showboat [the ~] nom

  1. the showboat (show-off; toady)
    le flagorneur; le prétentieux; le fayot; le paillasson; le parasite; le lèche-bottes; le bûcheur; le reptile; le lécheur; le pique-assiette; l'écornifleur; la lécheuse; la flagorneuse

Translation Matrix for showboat:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bûcheur show-off; showboat; toady
fayot show-off; showboat; toady
flagorneur show-off; showboat; toady bootlicker; crawler; cringer; fawner; flatterer; groveler; groveller; heeler; lickspittle; mollusc; mollusk; slimy fellow; toady
flagorneuse show-off; showboat; toady
lèche-bottes show-off; showboat; toady bootlicker; crawler; crawlers; cringer; cringers; groveler; groveller; grovellers; heeler; lickspittle; mollusc; mollusk; slimy fellow; toady
lécheur show-off; showboat; toady bootlicker; connoisseur; crawler; cringer; gastronome; gourmand; groveler; groveller; heeler; lickspittle; mollusc; mollusk; slimy fellow; toady
lécheuse show-off; showboat; toady connoisseur; gastronome; gourmand
paillasson show-off; showboat; toady cocomat; coconut matting; cover; door mat; door-mat; doormat; grass; grassed surface; runner; rush-bottom; straw-mat
parasite show-off; showboat; toady leach; pampered person; parasite; scrounger; sponge; sponger
pique-assiette show-off; showboat; toady leach; parasite; scrounger; sponge; sponger
prétentieux show-off; showboat; toady know-it-all; smart-alec; smarty-pants
reptile show-off; showboat; toady reptile; reptilian
écornifleur show-off; showboat; toady cheapskate; haggler; horse-trader; pampered person; pincher; shady trader; trafficker
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bûcheur ardent; assiduous; diligent; indefatigable; industrious; practiced; practised; tireless; zealous
flagorneur coaxing; fawning; wheedling
prétentieux arrogant; condescending; haughty; high-handed; impudent; insolent; overbearing; pedantic; presumptuous; pretentious; self-satisfied; shameless; stuck-up; supercilious; superior

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  • showboats

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  1. a river steamboat on which theatrical performances could be given (especially on the Mississippi River)1