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Detailed Translations for snicker from English to French


to snicker verbe (snickers, snickered, snickering)

  1. to snicker (chuckle; snigger; chortle)
    ricaner; rire en sourdine; sourire; faire des grimaces
    • ricaner verbe (ricane, ricanes, ricanons, ricanez, )
    • sourire verbe (souris, sourit, sourions, souriez, )
  2. to snicker (chuckle; smile coyly)
    ricaner; rire dans sa barbe; rire en sourdine; rire dans la barbe
    • ricaner verbe (ricane, ricanes, ricanons, ricanez, )

Conjugations for snicker:

  1. snicker
  2. snicker
  3. snickers
  4. snicker
  5. snicker
  6. snicker
simple past
  1. snickered
  2. snickered
  3. snickered
  4. snickered
  5. snickered
  6. snickered
present perfect
  1. have snickered
  2. have snickered
  3. has snickered
  4. have snickered
  5. have snickered
  6. have snickered
past continuous
  1. was snickering
  2. were snickering
  3. was snickering
  4. were snickering
  5. were snickering
  6. were snickering
  1. shall snicker
  2. will snicker
  3. will snicker
  4. shall snicker
  5. will snicker
  6. will snicker
continuous present
  1. am snickering
  2. are snickering
  3. is snickering
  4. are snickering
  5. are snickering
  6. are snickering
  1. be snickered
  2. be snickered
  3. be snickered
  4. be snickered
  5. be snickered
  6. be snickered
  1. snicker!
  2. let's snicker!
  3. snickered
  4. snickering
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for snicker:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
sourire grin; grinning at; half smile; smile
- snigger; snort
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
faire des grimaces chortle; chuckle; snicker; snigger make faces; smirk
ricaner chortle; chuckle; smile coyly; snicker; snigger chuckle; giggle; gloat; smile coyly; snigger; titter
rire dans la barbe chuckle; smile coyly; snicker chuckle; gloat; titter
rire dans sa barbe chuckle; smile coyly; snicker chuckle; gloat; titter
rire en sourdine chortle; chuckle; smile coyly; snicker; snigger chuckle; gloat
sourire chortle; chuckle; snicker; snigger chuckle; smile
- snigger

Related Words for "snicker":

  • snickering

Synonyms for "snicker":

Related Definitions for "snicker":

  1. a disrespectful laugh1
  2. laugh quietly1

Wiktionary Translations for snicker:

  1. stifled laugh
  1. to emit a snicker
  1. action de ricaner ; bruit que faire cette action..
  1. rire avec une affectation d’impertinence et dans une intention de moquerie.

Cross Translation:
snicker hennir wiehern — äußern, rufen (eines Pferdes)