Detailed Translations for spend from English to French


to spend verbe (spends, spent, spending)

  1. to spend (pay)
    • dépenser verbe (dépense, dépenses, dépensons, dépensez, )
  2. to spend (pass)
    passer le temps; passer
    • passer verbe (passe, passes, passons, passez, )
  3. to spend (consume; use up; use)
    utiliser; consommer; consumer; digérer; dépenser; user; se consumer; se corroder
    • utiliser verbe (utilise, utilises, utilisons, utilisez, )
    • consommer verbe (consomme, consommes, consommons, consommez, )
    • consumer verbe (consume, consumes, consumons, consumez, )
    • digérer verbe (digère, digères, digérons, digérez, )
    • dépenser verbe (dépense, dépenses, dépensons, dépensez, )
    • user verbe (use, uses, usons, usez, )
    • se consumer verbe
    • se corroder verbe
  4. to spend
  5. to spend (squander)
    dépenser follement; gaspiller; claquer son argent
    • gaspiller verbe (gaspille, gaspilles, gaspillons, gaspillez, )

Conjugations for spend:

  1. spend
  2. spend
  3. spends
  4. spend
  5. spend
  6. spend
simple past
  1. spent
  2. spent
  3. spent
  4. spent
  5. spent
  6. spent
present perfect
  1. have spent
  2. have spent
  3. has spent
  4. have spent
  5. have spent
  6. have spent
past continuous
  1. was spending
  2. were spending
  3. was spending
  4. were spending
  5. were spending
  6. were spending
  1. shall spend
  2. will spend
  3. will spend
  4. shall spend
  5. will spend
  6. will spend
continuous present
  1. am spending
  2. are spending
  3. is spending
  4. are spending
  5. are spending
  6. are spending
  1. be spent
  2. be spent
  3. be spent
  4. be spent
  5. be spent
  6. be spent
  1. spend!
  2. let's spend!
  3. spent
  4. spending
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for spend:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
claquer son argent spend; squander borrow money on; dissipate; flog; mortgage; pawn; pledge; squander; waste
consommer consume; spend; use; use up accomplish; become worn; consume; devour; digest; dine; dine out; dispatch; eat; eat heartily; eat hungrily; eat up; feast upon; finish; fulfil; fulfill; get worn out; gnaw; gorge; grab a bite; have a meal; have dinner; have on; have something to eat; having a good feed; munch; nibble; nybble; peck; perform; pick; quench; relieve; spend money; take something; tuck into; wear out; wine and dine; work inside
consumer consume; spend; use; use up burn up; consume; finish; use; use drugs; use up; utilise; utilize
digérer consume; spend; use; use up consume; devour; digest; spend money; stomach; swallow
dépenser consume; pay; spend; use; use up bear; charge through; consume; digest; endure; fly through; spend money; stand; sustain
dépenser follement spend; squander borrow money on; dissipate; mess; mortgage; pawn; pledge; slop; spill; squander; waste
dépenser quelque chose spend
gaspiller spend; squander borrow money on; botch up; dissipate; flog; mess; mess up; mortgage; muck up; pawn; pledge; slop; spill; spoil; squander; throw away; waste
passer pass; spend call in; come through; cross; cross over; deliver; dispense; drop by; drop in; elapse; expire; give; give to; go by; hand; hand over; hand over to; move past; overtake; pass; pass through; provide; pull to; push through; ride past; sail past; travel through; traverse; tuck in; tuck up; visit
passer le temps pass; spend
se consumer consume; spend; use; use up become worn; burn; burn down; burn loose; burn out; burn to a cinder; burn up; consume; digest; fire; flare up; get worn out; languish; long for; pine; pine away; spend money; take fire; waste away; wear out; wither
se corroder consume; spend; use; use up be lost; be wrecked; become worn; consume; crash; decay; degenerate; deteriorate; digest; fall into decline; get worn out; go bad; meet an accident; perish; rot; spend money; spoil; wear out
user consume; spend; use; use up apply; become worn; burn up; consume; digest; employ; finish; get worn out; handle; make use of; practice; practise; spend money; take; tire out; use; use up; utilise; utilize; wear out
utiliser consume; spend; use; use up administer; adopt; apply; avail oneself of; consume; employ; enforce; engage; exploit; handle; implement; make use of; practice; practise; take; use; utilise; utilize
- drop; expend; pass
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
consommer consume

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Related Definitions for "spend":

  1. pay out1
    • spend money1
  2. spend completely1
    • I spend my pocket money in two days1
  3. pass time in a specific way1
    • how are you spending your summer vacation?1

Wiktionary Translations for spend:

  1. to pay out
  2. to consume, to use up
  3. -
  1. Employer telle ou telle somme à l’achat de telle ou telle chose.

Cross Translation:
spend dépenser uitgeven — financiële middelen aanspreken
spend dépenser; dépenser à besteden — schaarse middelen een bestemming geven
spend passer verbringenbesonders mit Angaben von Zeit und Zeiträumen (Jugend, Alter, Leben, Ferien, Wochenende, usw.): eine Zeitdauer verstreichen lassen
spend perdre; du; temps; à; rester; planté verstehen — (transitiv); umgangssprachlich, selten: seine Zeit durch bloßes Stehen unnütz verbringen

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