Detailed Translations for stew from English to French


stew [the ~] nom

  1. the stew (hotchpotch; hodgepodge)

to stew verbe (stews, stewed, stewing)

  1. to stew
    gronder; mijoter; étouffer; mitonner; bougonner; grommeler
    • gronder verbe (gronde, grondes, grondons, grondez, )
    • mijoter verbe (mijote, mijotes, mijotons, mijotez, )
    • étouffer verbe (étouffe, étouffes, étouffons, étouffez, )
    • mitonner verbe (mitonne, mitonnes, mitonnons, mitonnez, )
    • bougonner verbe (bougonne, bougonnes, bougonnons, bougonnez, )
    • grommeler verbe (grommelle, grommelles, grommelons, grommelez, )
  2. to stew
    cuire; mijoter
    • cuire verbe (cuis, cuit, cuisons, cuisez, )
    • mijoter verbe (mijote, mijotes, mijotons, mijotez, )

Conjugations for stew:

  1. stew
  2. stew
  3. stews
  4. stew
  5. stew
  6. stew
simple past
  1. stewed
  2. stewed
  3. stewed
  4. stewed
  5. stewed
  6. stewed
present perfect
  1. have stewed
  2. have stewed
  3. has stewed
  4. have stewed
  5. have stewed
  6. have stewed
past continuous
  1. was stewing
  2. were stewing
  3. was stewing
  4. were stewing
  5. were stewing
  6. were stewing
  1. shall stew
  2. will stew
  3. will stew
  4. shall stew
  5. will stew
  6. will stew
continuous present
  1. am stewing
  2. are stewing
  3. is stewing
  4. are stewing
  5. are stewing
  6. are stewing
  1. be stewed
  2. be stewed
  3. be stewed
  4. be stewed
  5. be stewed
  6. be stewed
  1. stew!
  2. let's stew!
  3. stewed
  4. stewing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for stew:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
purée de légumes hodgepodge; hotchpotch; stew
- fret; lather; sweat; swither
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bougonner stew bellyache; complain; gripe; grouse; grumble; mumble; murmur; mutter; rasp
cuire stew anneal; boil with rage; cook; do the cooking; prepare a meal; reach the boiling point; seethe; start boiling
grommeler stew bellyache; buzz; chanter; complain; gripe; grouse; growl; grumble; hum; mumble; rumble; snarl
gronder stew bang; bawl; be furious; bear a grudge; bear malice; bellow; bellyache; blame; blame someone of; boom; chanter; chide; complain; crack; cry out; discredit; gripe; grouse; growl; grumble; harbour a grudge; let someone have it; pop; rage; rancor; rancour; rant; rant & rage; rave; rebuke; reprimand; reproach; reprove; roar; rumble; scream; shout; shriek; snarl; splash; storm; thunder; yell
mijoter stew
mitonner stew
étouffer stew asphyxiate; extinguish; gag; moderate; mute; oppress; put out; restrain; suffocate; suppress; truss up
- brood; grizzle; grudge
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- ragout

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Synonyms for "stew":

Related Definitions for "stew":

  1. food prepared by stewing especially meat or fish with vegetables1
  2. agitation resulting from active worry1
    • don't get in a stew1
  3. cook slowly and for a long time in liquid1
  4. bear a grudge; harbor ill feelings1
  5. be in a huff; be silent or sullen1

Wiktionary Translations for stew:

  1. dish
  1. to brew (tea)
  2. to suffer under hot conditions
  3. to be in a state of elevated anxiety
  1. (cuisine) viande accommodée avec une sauce.

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