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  1. supply with:


Detailed Translations for supply with from English to French

supply with:

supply with verbe

  1. supply with (equip with; provide with; provide wth; fit with)
  2. supply with (provide with)
    se procurer; fournir
    • se procurer verbe
    • fournir verbe (fournis, fournit, fournissons, fournissez, )

Translation Matrix for supply with:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
fournir provide with; supply with allow; bring; bring around; deliver; dispense; distribute; furnish; give; hand out; hand over to; mail; provide; put up for shipment; ration; send; send round; serve; serve out; ship; supply
se procurer provide with; supply with acquire; buy; buy up; get; obtain; purchase
équiper de equip with; fit with; provide with; provide wth; supply with

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