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Detailed Translations for traffic jam from English to French

traffic jam:

traffic jam [the ~] nom

  1. the traffic jam (tailback; traffic block; buildup of traffic)
    l'embouteillage; le bouchon; l'encombrement
  2. the traffic jam
    l'obstruction; le bouchon; le ralentissement
  3. the traffic jam (tailback)

Translation Matrix for traffic jam:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bouchon buildup of traffic; tailback; traffic block; traffic jam blockage; cap; congestion; constipation; cork; crown-cap; dowel; float; fuse; fuze; jam; peg; plug; safety fuse; stagnancy; stagnation; standstill; stoppage
circulation ralentie tailback; traffic jam
embouteillage buildup of traffic; tailback; traffic block; traffic jam blockage; bottleneck; bottling; bottling room; congestion; constipation; file; jam; line; narrowing of the road; queue; road narrowing; row; stagnancy; stagnation; standstill; stoppage; traffic bottleneck
encombrement buildup of traffic; tailback; traffic block; traffic jam accumulation; bar; barrier; blockage; congelation; congestion; constipation; hindrance; impediment; jam; mess; mountain; muddle; obstacle; obstruction; roadblock; stagnancy; stagnation; standstill; stoppage
obstruction traffic jam barrier; barrier obstacles; block; blockage; congelation; congestion; constipation; hampering; hindrance; impediment; impeding; interfering with; jam; obstacle; obstruction; stagnancy; stagnation; standstill; stonewalling; stoppage; thwarting; trouble
ralentissement traffic jam congelation; obstruction; speed-reducing; stoppage
- snarl-up

Synonyms for "traffic jam":

Related Definitions for "traffic jam":

  1. a number of vehicles blocking one another until they can scarcely move1

Wiktionary Translations for traffic jam:

traffic jam
  1. situation in which all road traffic is stationary or very slow
traffic jam
  1. Qui obstrue une voie de circulation
  2. Embarras de circulation

Cross Translation:
traffic jam embouteillage; bouchon VerkehrsstauVerkehrsstockung von Fahrzeugen auf Verkehrswegen

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