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Detailed Translations for veer from English to French


to veer verbe (veers, veered, veering)

  1. to veer (turn; swing)
    tourner; virer; détourner
    • tourner verbe (tourne, tournes, tournons, tournez, )
    • virer verbe (vire, vires, virons, virez, )
    • détourner verbe (détourne, détournes, détournons, détournez, )

Conjugations for veer:

  1. veer
  2. veer
  3. veers
  4. veer
  5. veer
  6. veer
simple past
  1. veered
  2. veered
  3. veered
  4. veered
  5. veered
  6. veered
present perfect
  1. have veered
  2. have veered
  3. has veered
  4. have veered
  5. have veered
  6. have veered
past continuous
  1. was veering
  2. were veering
  3. was veering
  4. were veering
  5. were veering
  6. were veering
  1. shall veer
  2. will veer
  3. will veer
  4. shall veer
  5. will veer
  6. will veer
continuous present
  1. am veering
  2. are veering
  3. is veering
  4. are veering
  5. are veering
  6. are veering
  1. be veered
  2. be veered
  3. be veered
  4. be veered
  5. be veered
  6. be veered
  1. veer!
  2. let's veer!
  3. veered
  4. veering
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for veer:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
détourner swing; turn; veer avert; divert; fend off; field; fob off with; foil; go back; keep off; lay off; not follow up; parry; return; turn around; turn away; ward off
tourner swing; turn; veer change tack; churn; confuse; dangle; formulate; go back; make dizzy; open; open up; oscillate; phrase; put into words; return; reverse; revolve; rock; roll; rotate; shift; spin; spin round; stir; swing; swing around; swing round; swing to and fro; swirl; tack; turn; turn around; turn away; turn on; twirl; twist; unlock; unscrew; whirl; word
virer swing; turn; veer dangle; deposit; jibe; oscillate; pay by Giro; remit; rock; send; swing; swing to and fro; transfer; transfer by giro; turn
- curve; cut; sheer; slew; slue; swerve; trend
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- sudden alteration; sudden change; turn of the tide; wear

Related Words for "veer":

  • veering

Synonyms for "veer":

Antonyms for "veer":

Related Definitions for "veer":

  1. shift to a clockwise direction1
    • the wind veered1
  2. turn sharply; change direction abruptly1
    • The motorbike veered to the right1

Wiktionary Translations for veer:

  1. (transitive) turn