Detailed Translations for wrest from from English to French

wrest from:

to wrest from verbe (wrests from, wrested from, wresting from)

  1. to wrest from (sprain; wrench)
    essorer; se faire une entorse; se fouler; tordre; déboîter; disloquer; tortiller
    • essorer verbe (essore, essores, essorons, essorez, )
    • se fouler verbe
    • tordre verbe (tords, tord, tordons, tordez, )
    • déboîter verbe (déboîte, déboîtes, déboîtons, déboîtez, )
    • disloquer verbe (disloque, disloques, disloquons, disloquez, )
    • tortiller verbe (tortille, tortilles, tortillons, tortillez, )
  2. to wrest from (shake off)

Conjugations for wrest from:

  1. wrest from
  2. wrest from
  3. wrests from
  4. wrest from
  5. wrest from
  6. wrest from
simple past
  1. wrested from
  2. wrested from
  3. wrested from
  4. wrested from
  5. wrested from
  6. wrested from
present perfect
  1. have wrested from
  2. have wrested from
  3. has wrested from
  4. have wrested from
  5. have wrested from
  6. have wrested from
past continuous
  1. was wresting from
  2. were wresting from
  3. was wresting from
  4. were wresting from
  5. were wresting from
  6. were wresting from
  1. shall wrest from
  2. will wrest from
  3. will wrest from
  4. shall wrest from
  5. will wrest from
  6. will wrest from
continuous present
  1. am wresting from
  2. are wresting from
  3. is wresting from
  4. are wresting from
  5. are wresting from
  6. are wresting from
  1. be wrested from
  2. be wrested from
  3. be wrested from
  4. be wrested from
  5. be wrested from
  6. be wrested from
  1. wrest from!
  2. let's wrest from!
  3. wrested from
  4. wresting from
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for wrest from:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
disloquer sprain; wrench; wrest from disarm; dislocate; paralyse; paralyze
déboîter sprain; wrench; wrest from disarm; dislocate; paralyse; paralyze
essorer sprain; wrench; wrest from centrifuge; dry; wrench; wring out
se dégager en luttant shake off; wrest from
se faire une entorse sprain; wrench; wrest from
se fouler sprain; wrench; wrest from disarm; dislocate; paralyse; paralyze
tordre sprain; wrench; wrest from clamp; clasp; clutch; distort; gag; grasp; grip; lever; oppress; pinch; press; seize; squeeze; twist; twist together; wrench; wring; wring out
tortiller sprain; wrench; wrest from twist together; wrench; wring out

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