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Detailed Translations for quadrilateral from English to Dutch


quadrilateral [the ~] nom

  1. the quadrilateral (quadrangle)
  2. the quadrilateral (quadrangle)
    de vierhoek

quadrilateral adj

  1. quadrilateral (quadratic; quadrangular)
  2. quadrilateral (four-sided)
  3. quadrilateral (quadrangular)
  4. quadrilateral (quadrangular; squarely; quadratic)

Translation Matrix for quadrilateral:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
gelijkzijdige vierhoek quadrangle; quadrilateral
vierhoek quadrangle; quadrilateral
vierkant quadrangle; quadrilateral
- quadrangle; tetragon
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
kwadratisch quadrangular; quadratic; quadrilateral
vierhoekig quadrangular; quadrilateral
vierkant absolutely; awfully; completely; fully; outright; terribly; totally; utter; utterly
vierkantig quadrangular; quadratic; quadrilateral; squarely
vierzijdig four-sided; quadrilateral
- four-sided

Related Words for "quadrilateral":

  • quadrilaterals

Synonyms for "quadrilateral":

Related Definitions for "quadrilateral":

  1. having four sides1
  2. a four-sided polygon1

Wiktionary Translations for quadrilateral:

  1. polygon having four sides
  1. having four sides

Cross Translation:
quadrilateral vierhoek ViereckGeometrie: ebenes (zweidimensionales) Vieleck (Polygon) mit vier Ecken und vier Seiten
quadrilateral vierhoek quadrilatère — géométrie|fr polygone qui a quatre côtés.