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Detailed Translations for costra from Spanish to English


costra [la ~] nom

  1. la costra (corteza; zoquete; postilla; costrita; cuscurro)
    the crust
    – a hard outer layer that covers something 1
    the scab; the rind
  2. la costra
    the scab

Translation Matrix for costra:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
crust corteza; costra; costrita; cuscurro; postilla; zoquete
rind corteza; costra; costrita; cuscurro; postilla; zoquete corteza; cáscara; piel
scab corteza; costra; costrita; cuscurro; postilla; zoquete esquirol; roña; sarna
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
crust coagularse; cubrirse de costra; encostrar
rind mondar; pelar; quitar la piel a; sacar la piel

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Wiktionary Translations for costra:

  1. any solid, hard surface layer
  2. outer layer of bread
  3. outermost layer of a planet
  4. incrustation over a wound

Cross Translation:
costra crust korst — een harde buitenste laag om iets dat verder relatief zacht is
costra eschar; scab; scurf Schorf — sich über einer in Heilung begriffenen Wunde befindliche Verkrustung aus gerinnen Blut
costra crust croûte — Pellicule solide couvrant une partie plus molle.

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