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Detailed Translations for superficial from Spanish to English


Translation Matrix for superficial:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
shallow bajío; estuario; marisma
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cursory a la ligera; frívolo; fugaz; superficial de paso; fugaz; pasajero; perecedero; transitorio
flighty irreflexivo; ligero; superficial alegre; casquivano; frívolo; ligero
frivolous irreflexivo; ligero; superficial alegre; atrevido; casquivano; frívolo; ligero; pícaro
frothy irreflexivo; ligero; superficial espumoso
perfunctory a la ligera; frívolo; fugaz; superficial pasajero; perecedero; transitorio
shallow poco profundo; sin profundidad; superficial alegre; casquivano; frívolo; ligero; poco profundo; vadeable
superficial a la ligera; frívolo; fugaz; poco profundo; sin profundidad; superficial pasajero; perecedero; transitorio
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
fribble irreflexivo; ligero; superficial
without draught superficial

Related Words for "superficial":

  • superficiales

Synonyms for "superficial":

Wiktionary Translations for superficial:

  1. having little depth and significantly less deep than wide
  2. concerned mainly with superficial matters
  3. lacking interest or substance
  4. shallow, lacking substance
  5. of or pertaining to the surface
  6. pertaining to the surface

Cross Translation:
superficial superficial oppervlakkig — zich aan de oppervlakte bevindend
superficial superficial oppervlakkig — niet diepgaand of niet grondig
superficial superficial; glib oberflächlich — die Oberfläche eines Gegenstandes oder einer Sache betreffend, sich auf die Oberfläche beziehend
superficial superficial; shallow; cursory; surface superficiel — Qui n’intéresser que la superficie, qui est uniquement en surface.

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