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arborescence nom

  1. arborescence
    the tree
    – A data structure containing zero or more nodes that are linked together in a hierarchy. If any nodes are present, one node is the root; each node except the root is the child of one and only one other node, and each node has zero or more nodes as children. 1
  2. arborescence
    the tree structure
    – Any structure that has the essential organizational properties of a tree. 1
  3. arborescence
    the tree view
    – A hierarchical representation of the folders, files, disk drives, and other resources connected to a computer or network. 1

Translation Matrix for arborescence:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
tree arborescence arbre
tree structure arborescence
tree view arborescence

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Wiktionary Translations for arborescence:

  1. Représentation
    • arborescencetree
  2. Organisation