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Detailed Translations for comparer from French to English


comparer verbe (compare, compares, comparons, comparez, )

  1. comparer (comparer entre eux; confronter; conférer)
    compare with; compare to; to compare; to equate; to confront
  2. comparer
    to compare
    – To check two items, such as words, files, or numeric values, so as to determine whether they are the same or different. In a program, the outcome of a compare operation often determines which of two or more actions is taken next. 1
    • compare verbe (compares, compared, comparing)

Conjugations for comparer:

  1. compare
  2. compares
  3. compare
  4. comparons
  5. comparez
  6. comparent
  1. comparais
  2. comparais
  3. comparait
  4. comparions
  5. compariez
  6. comparaient
passé simple
  1. comparai
  2. comparas
  3. compara
  4. comparâmes
  5. comparâtes
  6. comparèrent
futur simple
  1. comparerai
  2. compareras
  3. comparera
  4. comparerons
  5. comparerez
  6. compareront
subjonctif présent
  1. que je compare
  2. que tu compares
  3. qu'il compare
  4. que nous comparions
  5. que vous compariez
  6. qu'ils comparent
conditionnel présent
  1. comparerais
  2. comparerais
  3. comparerait
  4. comparerions
  5. compareriez
  6. compareraient
passé composé
  1. ai comparé
  2. as comparé
  3. a comparé
  4. avons comparé
  5. avez comparé
  6. ont comparé
  1. compare!
  2. comparez!
  3. comparons!
  4. comparé
  5. comparant
1. je, 2. tu, 3. il/elle/on, 4. nous, 5. vous, 6. ils/elles

Translation Matrix for comparer:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
compare comparer; comparer entre eux; confronter; conférer
compare to comparer; comparer entre eux; confronter; conférer
compare with comparer; comparer entre eux; confronter; conférer
confront comparer; comparer entre eux; confronter; conférer
equate comparer; comparer entre eux; confronter; conférer

Synonyms for "comparer":

Wiktionary Translations for comparer:

  1. examiner les rapports de ressemblance et de différence entre une chose et une autre, entre une personne et une autre.
  1. compare
  2. to assess the similarities between two things or between one thing and another

Cross Translation:
comparer compare vergelijken — de overeenkomsten en verschillen van twee zaken in beschouwing nemen
comparer compare vergleichen — zwei oder mehrere Dinge auf Gemeinsamkeiten und Unterschiede prüfen

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