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Detailed Translations for noeud from French to English


noeud [le ~] nom

  1. le noeud (carrefour; noeud routier; croisement; embranchement)
    the junction; the intersection; the crossing
  2. le noeud
    the knob
  3. le noeud
    the node
    – A location in a hierarchy (often a tree structure) that can have links to one or more nodes below it. 1
  4. le noeud
    the node
    – For local area networks (LANs), a device that is connected to the network and is capable of communicating with other network devices. 1
  5. le noeud (loupe)
    the gnarls; the knots

Translation Matrix for noeud:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
crossing carrefour; croisement; embranchement; noeud; noeud routier carrefour; croisement; croisée; intersection; jonction; passage; passage clouté; passage piéton; passage piétonnier; passage zébré; point d'intersection; traversée; voyage par mer
gnarls loupe; noeud loupes; loupes d'arbre
intersection carrefour; croisement; embranchement; noeud; noeud routier bifurcation; carrefour; coupure; croisement; croisée; intersection; jonction; point d'intersection; recoupement
junction carrefour; croisement; embranchement; noeud; noeud routier accouplement; assemblage; carrefour; combinaison; confluence; connexion; croisement; croisée; embranchement; intersection; jonction; liaison; lien; raccord; rapport; relation; réunion
knob noeud bosse; inégalité
knots loupe; noeud brosses; loupes; loupes d'arbre; touffes
node noeud nœud
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
crossing croisant

Synonyms for "noeud":

Wiktionary Translations for noeud:

  1. knot in wood

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