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Detailed Translations for ordinateur from French to English


ordinateur [le ~] nom

  1. l'ordinateur (calculateur)
    the computer; the PC; the calculator
  2. l'ordinateur
    the computer
    – Any device capable of processing information to produce a desired result. No matter how large or small they are, computers typically perform their work in three well-defined steps: (1) accepting input, (2) processing the input according to predefined rules (programs), and (3) producing output. There are several ways to categorize computers, including class (ranging from microcomputers to supercomputers), generation (first through fifth generation), and mode of processing (analog versus digital). 1
    the PC; the personal computer
  3. l'ordinateur
    the computer

Translation Matrix for ordinateur:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
PC calculateur; ordinateur PC; ordinateur personnel
calculator calculateur; ordinateur calculateur; calculatrice; machine à calculer
computer calculateur; ordinateur ordinateur portable
personal computer ordinateur PC; ordinateur personnel

Synonyms for "ordinateur":

Wiktionary Translations for ordinateur:

  1. Machine électronique
  1. a programmable device

Cross Translation:
ordinateur computer Computer — elektronisches, programmierbares Gerät zur Eingabe, Verarbeitung und Ausgabe von Daten
ordinateur personal computer Personalcomputer — ein wenig leistungsfähiger, preiswerter Computer für den Heimgebrauch
ordinateur computer Rechner — hochtechnologische Rechenmaschine

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