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Detailed Translations for pansement from French to English


pansement [le ~] nom

  1. le pansement (compresse de gaze; bandage; gaze à pansements)
  2. le pansement (bande Velpeau; bande; bandage)
    the bandage; the ligature; the swathe
  3. le pansement
    the wound bandage

Translation Matrix for pansement:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bandage bandage; bande; bande Velpeau; pansement bandage; bande Velpeau; écharpe
ligature bandage; bande; bande Velpeau; pansement articulation; articulation des os; jointure; ligature
sterilized gauze bandage; compresse de gaze; gaze à pansements; pansement
swathe bandage; bande; bande Velpeau; pansement bandage; bande Velpeau
wound bandage pansement
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bandage se draper dans
swathe cacher; camoufler; couvrir; couvrir de; dissimuler; déguiser; envelopper; envelopper de; masquer; se draper dans; se revêtir de; voiler

Synonyms for "pansement":

Wiktionary Translations for pansement:

  1. medical binding
  2. adhesive bandage

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