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Detailed Translations for pulpe from French to English


pulpe [la ~] nom

  1. la pulpe (pâte de bois; pâte à papier)
    the wood pulp
  2. la pulpe (la chair du fruit; chair)
    the pulp; the flesh

Translation Matrix for pulpe:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
flesh chair; compote; la chair du fruit; pulpe chair; viande
pulp chair; compote; la chair du fruit; pulpe bouillie; purée
wood pulp pulpe; pâte de bois; pâte à papier pulpe de bois; pâte de bois; vermoulure

Synonyms for "pulpe":

Wiktionary Translations for pulpe:

  1. (botanique) substance charnue ou molle des fruits et des légumes.
  1. edible part of fruit/vegetable
  2. soft, moist mass
  3. center of a fruit
  4. center of a tooth
  5. mass of which paper is produced
  6. mass of chemically processed wood fibres

Cross Translation:
pulpe pulp Fruchtfleisch — pflanzliches Zellgewebe, das die Samen zur besseren Verbreitung umhüllt
pulpe core; marrow; pulp MarkAnatomie, Biologie: weiche Substanz im Kern von Knochen, Stengel oder Früchten

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