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Detailed Translations for table from French to English


table [la ~] nom

  1. la table (table à manger)
    the table
    – a piece of furniture with tableware for a meal laid out on it 1
    • table [the ~] nom
      • I reserved a table at my favorite restaurant1
    the dinner table
    – the dining table where dinner is served and eaten 1
    the dining table
    – a table at which meals are served 1
    • dining table [the ~] nom
      • he helped her clear the dining table1
  2. la table (tableau; liste; index)
    the table
    – a set of data arranged in rows and columns 1
    • table [the ~] nom
      • see table 11
    the schedule; the list

table [le ~] nom

  1. le table (tablée)
    the dinner guests


  1. table
    the table
    – A database object that stores data in records (rows) and fields (columns). The data is usually about a particular category of things, such as employees or orders. 2

Translation Matrix for table:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
dining table table; table à manger
dinner guests table; tablée convive; hôte; invités pour le dîner; mangeurs
dinner table table; table à manger
list index; liste; table; tableau bande; gîte; liste; liste d'armée; liste des membres; registre; énumération
schedule index; liste; table; tableau agenda; plan du vol; planification
table index; liste; table; table à manger; tableau tableau
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
list annoter; citer; consigner; enregister; faire mention de; indexer; informer; inscrire; lister; mentionner; mettre au courant; nommer; noter; register; énumérer
schedule planifier

Synonyms for "table":

Wiktionary Translations for table:

  1. Meuble, surface plane sur pieds
  1. item of furniture

Cross Translation:
table table dis — maaltijd
table table dis — gedekte tafel
table face baan — bovenblad van aambeeld
table table; chart; league table Tabelle — eine geordnete Zusammenstellung von Texten oder Daten in Zeilen und Spalten
table banquet; table Tafelgehoben: festlich oder fürstlich gedeckter Tisch
table table TischMöbelstück, das aus einer Platte mit vier oder drei Beinen oder mittigen Standfuß besteht

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