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Detailed Translations for toux from French to Spanish


toux [la ~] nom

  1. la toux
    la tos seca; la tos
  2. la toux
    la tos; la tos seca; el pan de munición

Translation Matrix for toux:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
pan de munición toux
tos toux accès de toux; quinte de toux
tos seca toux

Synonyms for "toux":

Wiktionary Translations for toux:

Cross Translation:
toux tos cough — expulsion of air from the lungs
toux tos cough — condition that causes one to cough
toux tos hoest — een reflexmatige explosieve uitademing
toux tos HustenMedizin: wiederkehrendes ruckartiges ausstoßen von Luft aus der Lunge

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