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Detailed Translations for training from Dutch to English


training [de ~ (v)] nom

  1. de training (dressuur; dresseren)
    the training; the teaching; the schooling; the drilling
  2. de training
    the training
    – The process of teaching the speech recognition engine to recognize your voice and manner of speaking. The speech engine looks for patterns in the way you speak, enabling it to provide better accuracy when you dictate text. You train the engine by reading text in the training wizard, and continue to train the engine as you dictate text while working. 1

Translation Matrix for training:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
drilling dresseren; dressuur; training boren
schooling dresseren; dressuur; training aantal schoolgaanden; opleiding; scholing; schoolopleiding; vorming
teaching dresseren; dressuur; training cursus; les; onderricht; onderrichting; onderwijs
training dresseren; dressuur; training africhten; africhting; artsenpraktijk; bekwaming; kundig maken; oefening; opleiding; praktijk; scholing; schoolopleiding; spierwerking; vaardigheidsoefening; vorming
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
teaching onderwijzend

Related Words for "training":

  • trainingen

Wiktionary Translations for training:

  1. een oefening

Cross Translation:
training exercise; coaching; training; practice exerciceaction d’exercer ou de s’exercer.