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Detailed Translations for verbintenis from Dutch to English


verbintenis [de ~ (v)] nom

  1. de verbintenis (verplichting)
    the obligation; the commitment; the undertaking

Translation Matrix for verbintenis:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
commitment verbintenis; verplichting belofte; gelofte; toezegging
obligation verbintenis; verplichting belofte; gelofte; obligatie; schuldbrief; toezegging
undertaking verbintenis; verplichting belofte; gelofte; lijkbezorging; toezegging

Related Words for "verbintenis":

  • verbintenissen

Wiktionary Translations for verbintenis:

  1. being bound emotionally/intellectually to course of action or to others
  2. promise or agreement to do something in the future

Cross Translation:
verbintenis obligation Verpflichtung — Das, was getan werden müssen, was von einem verlangen oder erwarten wird, die Pflicht
verbintenis accommodation; agreement; accord; deal; pact; mutual agreement accommodementaccord que l’on faire d’un différend, d’une querelle.
verbintenis pact; accommodation; agreement; accord; deal; mutual agreement pacteconvention accompagner d’actes publics qui lui donnent un caractère d’une importance primordiale.

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