Detailed Translations for tart from English to Spanish


tart [the ~] nom

  1. the tart
    la pichona; la nena; el pastel; la perra; la cursi
  2. the tart (prostitute; light woman)
    la buscona; la puta; la prostituta; la mujer de vida alegre
  3. the tart (pie; pastry; cake)
    la tarta; el pastel; la torta
  4. the tart (bitch; witch)
    la arpía; la nena; la bruja pesada; la bruja; la hembra; la leona

Translation Matrix for tart:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
arpía bitch; tart; witch badge; bitch; flag; forceps; nippers; pin; pincers; witch
bruja bitch; tart; witch badge; bitch; daemon; demon; flag; forceps; nippers; pin; pincers; serpent; she devil; snake; sorceress; treacherous girl; viper; witch; wizard
bruja pesada bitch; tart; witch
buscona light woman; prostitute; tart prostitute; strumpet; whore
cursi tart
hembra bitch; tart; witch female; wife; woman
leona bitch; tart; witch lioness
mujer de vida alegre light woman; prostitute; tart
nena bitch; tart; witch baby; bint; bird; chick; child; doll; infant; kid; kiddy; little child; little girl; little kid; nipper; small child; small one; tike; tiny tot; toddler; tot; tyke
pastel cake; pastry; pie; tart biscuit; cake; cookie; cup cake; kind of biscuit; pastel crayon; pastry; snap
perra tart bitch
pichona tart
prostituta light woman; prostitute; tart cow; moo; old cow; prostitute; strumpet; whore
puta light woman; prostitute; tart bitch; cow; moo; old cow; prostitute; sloven; slut; strumpet; trollop; whore
tarta cake; pastry; pie; tart cake; pastry; patisserie
torta cake; pastry; pie; tart
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- lemonlike; lemony; sharp; sharp-worded; sourish; tangy
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cursi a small voice; affected; bourgeois; confined; cramped; exaggerated; excessive; exorbitant; immoderate; kitschy; like a narrow minded man; lower-middle-class; narrow minded; narrow-mindedness; overdone; parochial; petty; petty-bourgeois; provincial; small-town; theatrical

Related Words for "tart":

  • tartness, tarts, tarter, tartest, tartly

Synonyms for "tart":

Related Definitions for "tart":

  1. harsh1
    • a tart remark1
  2. tasting sour like a lemon1
  3. a pastry cup with a filling of fruit or custard and no top crust1
  4. a small open pie with a fruit filling1

Wiktionary Translations for tart:

  1. with sharp taste, sour
  1. pie, pastry
  2. woman with loose sexual morals

Cross Translation:
tart tarta taart — cirkelvormig gebak
tart puerca del — ordinaire vrouw
tart ramera; puta Nutte — abwertend für Prostituierte; eine Frau, die für Geld sexuelle Handlungen vornimmt
tart agrio aigre — Qui a une saveur acide et amère provoquant un sentiment désagréable.
tart puta; fichera; piruja; ramera putain — Prostituée
tart zorra; ramera; piruja; perra putain — Femme de mauvaises mœurs
tart agrio; ácido revêche — rare|fr Qui est rude, âpre au goût.

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