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Detailed Translations for enhance from English to French


enhance verbe

  1. enhance (heighten; raise)
    augmenter; élever; rehausser; relever; surélever; majorer
    • augmenter verbe (augmente, augmentes, augmentons, augmentez, )
    • élever verbe (élève, élèves, élevons, élevez, )
    • rehausser verbe (rehausse, rehausses, rehaussons, rehaussez, )
    • relever verbe (relève, relèves, relevons, relevez, )
    • surélever verbe (surélève, surélèves, surélevons, surélevez, )
    • majorer verbe (majore, majores, majorons, majorez, )

Translation Matrix for enhance:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
augmenter enhance; heighten; raise accumulate; add to; arise; ascent; augment; come up; elevate; enlarge; expand; extend; force up; grow; heighten; increase; increase in number; multiply; puff up; push on; raise; rise; soup up; stow; tune; turn up
majorer enhance; heighten; raise force up; majorate; puff up
rehausser enhance; heighten; raise boost; elevate; heighten; jack up v; patch up; pep up; raise; refurbish
relever enhance; heighten; raise boost; bring up; elevate; fold up; heighten; hold up; jack up v; keep up; patch up; pep up; pull out; pull up; raise; refurbish; rise; roll up; take out; turn up; undo; unpick
surélever enhance; heighten; raise
élever enhance; heighten; raise ascend; be off; be on the upgrade; become higher; become larger; breed; bring up; bristle; climb; cultivate; educate; establish; flare up; fly up; found; get away; go up; go upward; ground; grow; heave; increase; lay the foundations; lift; lift up; mount; put up; raise; rear; rise; rise to the surface; start; take off; tune
- heighten; raise

Synonyms for "enhance":

Related Definitions for "enhance":

  1. increase1
    • This will enhance your enjoyment1
  2. make better or more attractive1
    • This sauce will enhance the flavor of the meat1

Wiktionary Translations for enhance:

  1. improve something by adding features
  2. augment or make something greater
Cross Translation:
enhance appuyer; faciliter; sécuriser abstützen — (transitiv) mit Hilfe einer Person oder einer Sache die Erreichung eines Zieles unterstützen, absichern