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  1. knock open:


Detailed Translations for knock open from English to French

knock open:

to knock open verbe (knocks open, knocked open, knocking open)

  1. to knock open (dislodge)
    détordre; détacher; s'ouvrir d'un coup
    • détordre verbe (détords, détord, détordons, détordez, )
    • détacher verbe (détache, détaches, détachons, détachez, )

Conjugations for knock open:

  1. knock open
  2. knock open
  3. knocks open
  4. knock open
  5. knock open
  6. knock open
simple past
  1. knocked open
  2. knocked open
  3. knocked open
  4. knocked open
  5. knocked open
  6. knocked open
present perfect
  1. have knocked open
  2. have knocked open
  3. has knocked open
  4. have knocked open
  5. have knocked open
  6. have knocked open
past continuous
  1. was knocking open
  2. were knocking open
  3. was knocking open
  4. were knocking open
  5. were knocking open
  6. were knocking open
  1. shall knock open
  2. will knock open
  3. will knock open
  4. shall knock open
  5. will knock open
  6. will knock open
continuous present
  1. am knocking open
  2. are knocking open
  3. is knocking open
  4. are knocking open
  5. are knocking open
  6. are knocking open
  1. be knocked open
  2. be knocked open
  3. be knocked open
  4. be knocked open
  5. be knocked open
  6. be knocked open
  1. knock open!
  2. let's knock open!
  3. knocked open
  4. knocking open
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for knock open:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
détacher dislodge; knock open break open; break up; crack; cut down; cut free; cut loose; decode; depart; detach; differentiate; disconnect; drop out; employ; force open; get undone; go; go away; hire; leave; loosen; pluck; pull off; pull out; quit; release; rinse; rip off; separate; set free; set to work; split; tear off; tear open; uncouple; unlace; unpick; unpin; untie; wash; work loose
détordre dislodge; knock open
s'ouvrir d'un coup dislodge; knock open open

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