Detailed Translations for lament from English to French


to lament verbe (laments, lamented, lamenting)

  1. to lament (wail; complain; make complaints)
    se plaindre; se lamenter; gémir
    • se plaindre verbe
    • se lamenter verbe
    • gémir verbe (gémis, gémit, gémissons, gémissez, )
  2. to lament (yammer; whimper; yack; whine; whinge)
    geindre; gémir
    • geindre verbe (geins, geint, geignons, geignez, )
    • gémir verbe (gémis, gémit, gémissons, gémissez, )
  3. to lament
  4. to lament

Conjugations for lament:

  1. lament
  2. lament
  3. laments
  4. lament
  5. lament
  6. lament
simple past
  1. lamented
  2. lamented
  3. lamented
  4. lamented
  5. lamented
  6. lamented
present perfect
  1. have lamented
  2. have lamented
  3. has lamented
  4. have lamented
  5. have lamented
  6. have lamented
past continuous
  1. was lamenting
  2. were lamenting
  3. was lamenting
  4. were lamenting
  5. were lamenting
  6. were lamenting
  1. shall lament
  2. will lament
  3. will lament
  4. shall lament
  5. will lament
  6. will lament
continuous present
  1. am lamenting
  2. are lamenting
  3. is lamenting
  4. are lamenting
  5. are lamenting
  6. are lamenting
  1. be lamented
  2. be lamented
  3. be lamented
  4. be lamented
  5. be lamented
  6. be lamented
  1. lament!
  2. let's lament!
  3. lamented
  4. lamenting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

lament [the ~] nom

  1. the lament (elegy)
    l'élégie; la jérémiades; la complainte; la lamentation
  2. the lament (elegiac poem; lamentation; elegy)
    l'élégie; la lamentations; la cantilène; la complainte; la jérémiades
  3. the lament (requiem; funeral song; eulogy; dirge)
    le requiem; la messe de requiem; le chant funèbre
  4. the lament (wail)
    la lamentation; la complainte

Translation Matrix for lament:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cantilène elegiac poem; elegy; lament; lamentation
chant funèbre dirge; eulogy; funeral song; lament; requiem dirge; elegy; funeral song; lamentation
complainte elegiac poem; elegy; lament; lamentation; wail dirge; elegy; lamentation
jérémiades elegiac poem; elegy; lament; lamentation crying; harping on; howling; lamentations; lamenting; moaning; nagging; sobbing; trouble; wailing; whimpering; whining; yelping
lamentation elegy; lament; wail complaining; complaint; dirge; jeremiad; lamentation; reporting something
lamentations elegiac poem; elegy; lament; lamentation beefing; bleating; complaining; complaint; crying; dirge; groaning; groans; grumbling; howling; jeremiad; lamentation; lamentations; lamenting; making complaints; moaning; moans; sobbing; wailing; whimpering; whining; yammering; yelping
messe de requiem dirge; eulogy; funeral song; lament; requiem requiem
requiem dirge; eulogy; funeral song; lament; requiem dirge; elegy; funeral song; requiem
élégie elegiac poem; elegy; lament; lamentation dirge; elegy; lamentation
- coronach; dirge; elegy; lamentation; plaint; requiem; threnody; wail
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
geindre lament; whimper; whine; whinge; yack; yammer be a pain in the neck; cry; drone; groan; keep on; let on; moan; nag; scream with laughter; shout; shriek; squeal; tell tales; weep; whimper; whine
gémir complain; lament; make complaints; wail; whimper; whine; whinge; yack; yammer blubber; cry; express displeasure; groan; heave a sigh; moan; sigh; sob; wail; weep; whimper; whine
pleurer quelqu'un lament
se lamenter complain; lament; make complaints; wail complain; express displeasure; groan; moan; wail; whinge; yammer
se lamenter sur lament
se plaindre complain; lament; make complaints; wail bellyache; complain; complaint; deplore; gripe; grouse; grumble; harp; nag; object; protest; raise objections; wail; whinge; yammer
être en deuil lament grieve; mourn
- bemoan; bewail; deplore; keen

Related Words for "lament":

Synonyms for "lament":

Related Definitions for "lament":

  1. a mournful poem; a lament for the dead1
  2. a song or hymn of mourning composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person1
  3. a cry of sorrow and grief1
    • their pitiful laments could be heard throughout the ward1
  4. regret strongly1
    • we lamented the loss of benefits1
  5. express grief verbally1
    • we lamented the death of the child1

Wiktionary Translations for lament:

  1. bewail
  2. express grief
  1. song expressing grief
  2. expression of grief, suffering, or sadness
Cross Translation:
lament (se) lamenter jammeren — klagende, huilende geluiden maken
lament se lamenter jammern — sich weinerlich (und traurig) beschweren, wehklagen
lament se plaindre klagen — einen Verlust bejammern
lament lamenter lamentierenabwertend: jammern, klagen